Evangelized In Tunisia With The Knife?

Impressions from Tunisia a year after the revolution (II) recently we reported from Tunisia, that a year after the revolution the political future of the country is completely open our opinion. This impression of Tunisia, the country, which again will turn into a tourist paradise this summer, has not basically changed. But we have reported Meanwhile firsthand from one of the previously mentioned incidents, among those in the post-revolutionary Tunisia women, in particular, on the part of self-proclaimed Orthodox (Islamists? Salafists? Sure we come.) have to suffer. As always, when an anonymous message suddenly gets a – familiar – face, looking after a bit differently on his immediate surroundings as before; in this case, a small town in the middle of the Tunisian capital Tunis. Evangelized in Tunisia with the knife? The manner in which the incident raises in quite the fundamental question, which one it the political phenomenon of long-suppressed in Tunisia has to do more or less radically understood Islam in concrete everyday life. The said woman from our circle of acquaintances – an Algerian woman living in Tunisia – described, a week after the incident, still visibly shaken, the sequence of events as: you had against 15: 00 in the afternoon by the work in the direction of a nearby bus stop run, when a group of three by two men with a beard and white headdress and a veiled woman paused and courteous time asked them after he. But she open her purse to answer the question and get their mobile phone, have a man pressed a knife in the side of her and banned her to scream or to move. Taken at the proselyting mobile and money it was followed by an embarrassing questioning why she was dressed on the go and also otherwise wrong without headscarf. This is a disgrace and an offense against the law of God, and they will need to justify itself for.

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