Estrogen Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, my colleagues and I condemn the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to induced high blood pressure, weight gain, problems with the gall bladder and liver, not to mention breast cancer or cancer in women. The health risk caused by hormone replacement therapy outweigh the beneficial qualities. Yes, they reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but only for a while, until you accept them. In addition, if during that period of menopause you are in a stressful condition significantly weakened adrenal function. Healthy glands continue to supply the woman in the post-menopausal estrogen. But in period of stress the adrenal glands are busy produce anti-stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the production of estrogen. Estrogen and estrogen dominance As for estrogen, most women are familiar state of the so-called estrogen dominance.

It occurs when the amount of estrogen in the body is not balanced enough progesterone. This happens as a result of violations of ovulation, or due to saturation of the organism alien chemicals. Contained in pesticides (found in vegetables and fruits), herbicides and plastic (when you eat of the utensils, plastic chemicals that get into food). Such substances called ksenoestrogenami and have estrogen-like effect on you. Usually, they accumulate in body fat and dramatically increase the risk of cancer.

If progesterone is unable to cope with estrogen, you may be problems in the form of swelling, bloating, and menstrual disorders. By and large, we live in a vast number of chemicals that affect hormones, which are present in our food last decades. We are paying with their health all these modern innovations in agriculture and food industry influences the number of sperm and causes the animals and fish change sex. Hormonal problems there as well and among the people. A negative feature is that the substitution hormone therapy does not include progesterone itself, but carries a synthetic hormone-like substances progestins or progestogens called. In fact, this artificial hormones. Side effects of hormone replacement therapy side effects are irritability, liver dysfunction, vaginal bleeding, problems with blood clotting and so on, in addition, they weaken the positive effects of estrogen on the heart. At the same time, the artificial hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used much more estrogen than a natural! Therefore, it is better to dwell on more natural remedies If you transferred a partial removal of the uterus (ie, your ovaries continue to function) before menopause, you will have the same hormonal changes that in the normal menstrual cycle. If you need more hormones, and you advised to use estrogen only, because you do not have cancer, you still need to be supplemented welcome any additional estrogen natural progesterone. If the uterus is removed completely and you need HRT, use the lowest possible dose of estrogen for you and always natural progesterone. Some women experience early menopause, which can lead to a number of factors: estrogen-like chemicals in the environment, smoking and frequent alcohol use, or even critically malnourished (Diety!). As Anyway, you should make sure that your bones stay healthy. You need to periodically ru

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