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According to Foucault (1988 p.20): There where the soul intends to unify itself, there where I invents for itself an identity or a coherence, the genealogista part in search of the start? of the myriad starts that leave this color suspicion, this almost extinguished mark that does not allow to dissociar I and to make popular in the places and hiddings place of its empty synthesis, a thousand now lost events. Michael Focault (1988) in them presents the individual as indispensable to the knowledge, where if he establishes criteria that judge the cognition of this knowledge, as necessary its coexistence. So that its coexistence makes direction, the aged one must is assumen of the knowledge, ahead of the thought and the factors of development, through its history its identity, evidencing its experiences.

To the service I publish and its economic policies consist to adopt abilities and knowledge that allow them to fully explore the capacity of the aged one, integrating it actively the society. To this contribution and its equity if they make necessary to approach you practise curricular, as well as a legislation that goes beyond knowing and of the health of the aged one, propitiating a communication of autonomy of the development of intelligence. Current society a miditica society that fights against preconceptions, established for same it and that it serves of reference of a full society of ideologies, ethics and moral that condition the aging the uselessness condition. They leave of one I begin, exceeded and of you practise theoreticians who so only reflect a society estagnada, and that she only instruments to approach the factors problematic of the aging. Not looking for to constitute one politics that integrates the aged according to society English minister of the Health, Ian Mac Leod, the increase of the aging is the Everest Mount of the present time, with social problems that must be argued the governmental level, with an integration, if, formularizations and preconceptions, extending the care with the aged one and understanding its singularity of existence giving the necessary dimension, the demographic explosion of the maturation of the aged one, as well as of its necessities.

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