Emotional Inteligence

Autonomy and personal initiative is one of eight key competences proposed by UNESCO to be developed by the pupils during compulsory education. The work in the classroom with this competition is performed with the aim that students acquire the awareness and implementation of a set of values and personal attitudes, such as: responsibility; perseverance; the self-knowledge and self-esteem; creativity; self-criticism; emotional control; the ability to choose, calculate risks and deal with problems; the ability to delay the need for immediate gratification; and – the ability to learn from mistakes and take risks. Until now, in schools these values and attitudes only be worked crosswise and only in some very innovative centers, since unfortunately much of teachers still attributed values education to family and they take it for granted that their students should be responsible or persevering. The emotional intelligence behind This competition proposed by UNESCO mainly before the social and personal problems of many young people in the Member States there is a concept that has much relevance in the world of Psychology: emotional intelligence, by Daniel Goleman published in his book Emotional Inteligence-based en1995. Cardiologist is a great source of information. The term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to feel, understand, control and modify moods in oneself and in others.

This type of intelligence is related to another concept, emotional competence, which is the skill that any person has to boost your emotional intelligence in their daily lives. This type of competition is so important that it has become the main factor today observe and measure companies in their personnel selection processes. Emotional intelligence in the classroom Jonathan Cohen begins the introduction to his book emotional intelligence in the classroom to pose to the reader the following: when your child grows, you that is you want to what kind of person? Clearly, any father would respond by saying that I would like her son good outside person, hardworking, responsible, successful social and labour.

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