Emotional And Social Beggars

For Romeu Willers social and emotional Beggars an adolescent, or better, one punk of mentirinha, hardwired to an earphone, came crossing the street in front of the square of New Hamburg, by millimeters were not run over. The furious driver seemed that she went to go down of the car and to give socos in punk. Two unhappy actors of the theater of the existence. The adolescent lives unconsciously, connected in the virtual one detached in the Real. The driver, for a banal incident left to ruin its mood. We strengthen ourselves not to enxergar and not to hear.

We can be run over or to provoke an accident. An interesting tip is to be always conscientious and to intently observe the reality that encircles in them. I judge a perspicacious observer. After the comments I try to take off lies and not to judge. Idea to observe the street inhabitants and to compare them with the men who until had forgotten the reason so that came me it the money was created. I wrote something mesclando psychology, philosophy and history with experiences that I had with the inhabitants of street and the biographies of the multimillionaires.

Because they are in street? They are there because they want? Because the social movements that fight against social exclusion not help them? It will be that they have to be able of cohesion? Each one of them lives in a life to the part. Some run away from the conscience of the reality to run away from its psychic upheavals. Alcoholism familiar drugs, conflicts, depression they push stop the streets. I observed the other extremity of this sociological paradigm: the multimillionaire millionaire. I read the biography of Jon Rockfeller a powerful American magnate. In the height of its financial success a million of dollar per week entered in its account. The man richest of the history of the humanity.

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