Dominican Republic

On two wheels through a varied country in Latin America, the bike is not unusual means of transport and the landscape with its numerous mountain ranges, Wildnisstrassen and forests offers good conditions for a bicycle tour. This active vacation is suitable especially for sports tourists that like with other cyclists are traveling or not alone a country want to move through, whose language they not sure control. In any case a suitable and attractive travel can be but at the South America travel portal for the experienced cyclist will find: depending on what one does on his vacation, you can opt for rather easy tours, which go beyond flat land, or but for a route that leads through jungle and mountain paths and is thus more suitable for experienced cyclists with fitness. Or how about a trip that combines different sports, such as hiking, kayaking or rafting, bike tours? For example, Costa Rica there is a popular travel destination expect a high diversity of species, the holiday-maker the it on the bike to discovered applies. In addition, coffee plantations and volcanoes can be seen. Brazil also has scenic beauty and invites to the national parks, nature reserves and long beaches to negotiate. Sporty beach goers will love the Dominican Republic: the island has deserted sandy beaches and picturesque parks. Or how about a trip through Panama? There, you can cycle along a former railway line or kilometre-long beaches with the South America travel portal.

Nicaragua is an insider tip among America fans with numerous bike trails along the Vulkan Tenorio and Lago Nicaragua an adventurous outdoor sportsmen will find here the right! The classic in terms of bike trips the bicycle tour of South America of travel portal is in the South of Argentina and Chile to Patagonia. In the land of the winds, the trails through wild, untouched nature. Glaciers, volcanoes and fjords want to be explored by bicycle and icons for loneliness and distance. Latin America offers the right thing with its opportunities for a successful cycling holiday for all tastes. The travel of the South America of travel portals described in the article, see categories/wheel travel/

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