Diabetes Wave Rolls

Also eating promotes the risk of diabetes to develop the lifestyle disease type 2 diabetes type 2 reaching people through their faulty diet and lack of exercise. The risk of becoming diabetic, increases with each increased kilos. In developed countries, the number of diabetics continues unabated. Live in Germany currently eight million people diagnosed with diabetes–of which 85 percent are overweight. This disease is now referred to as people disease, because it is hard to curb. This type of metabolic disease is a creeping process, the body signals from initially not to be performed. The danger is that she silently sneaking up and secretly attack the organism.

With an intake of excessively loaded sugary food plays an important role. The blood sugar level is thus constantly increased and gradually poisoned the nerves and blood vessels. The heart, the kidneys, and even the eyes cannot be thereby affected. On the fine veins of the Often minor changes occur retina. You can indicate a disease and be also a symptom of a still undiscovered diabetes type 2. A doctor diagnosed diabetes retinal damage are already visible in one-third of diabetics. To avoid further damage, blood sugar levels must necessarily be reduced to prevent blindness and other complications.

The doctors educate barely overweight the risks, because they often lack the time or lack of knowledge about healthy nutrition. It is easy to eat healthy, at the same time to bring his weight back to normal mass and by the way is the diabetes to risk reduced. There is a little change of the own life style, i.e. the weight you can by a small increase in daily motion slightly reduce climbs stairs, travels by bicycle to work, and perhaps treats herself to a nightly summer walk. Also when shopping as possible products forgo that much Contain sugar, they are true fattening foods and cause a variety of diseases of civilization. A nutrition on low carb – less carbohydrates/sugar is also very flattering to the figure and has the property to prevent type 2 diabetes and even defeat. The authors of contactor and Bajwa have deals with carbohydrate – low carb – diet form and published books about various. You write about personal experiences, giving helpful tips, tricks, and created their own recipes. Their self-help books are in the “low carb world” not more away to think. More information under: photo: Copyright by Sabine Beuke Sabine Beuke

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