Body Harmony

Your choice to go with it is solely yours. You choose what the angel of destinopondra place your hands to work. Remember that if you keep in good thoughts, they only appeal to your body healing and deliverance. But be careful with your inner thoughts. Preservalos of all hatred, revenge and fear. And when you learn to think and dream of the good. The Law of Attraction, a gift from your Creator, in return will give you the good health of your temple. Donald Sussman has compatible beliefs. Since the angel of your destiny, that dwells in your heart, you know where to take you, for you as you guide with the map of your good thoughts and intentions.

“Task of remembrance for your Master atom send workers to repair the damage in your body and restore harmony: Before going to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning. While you comb your hair in the mirror or while grooming. Di taking small tapping with your index fingers and more, on the side of your body where your liver, and where do you think is its thinnest point, where it ends, where your last rib is situated right at the height of your belly button: Although this disease … (say the name of the disease) causes me grief. I love my cell workers, who without delay to heal my body. Cells workers, I love them deeply and I thank them for me to be living. Amen and Amen, “” The meaning of this ritual of self-healing is to recognize the quiet work of cells that daily workers repaired the damage to the human body, letting them know you’re aware of the sacrifice of them.

And you thank them with your love and words, to have given his life for you to live in harmony. Veras than seven days have made this great little act and ritual of love and gratitude to yourself, things tend sick in your body to heal itself. Blessings to you! Ismael Clavero, writer of novels and articles of motivation and spirituality. Author of the novel “The angel of return” editorial Researcher and lecturer all miraculous and strange is happening around our world. And the presence of the winged beings that travel the world bringing its message of light and love.

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