Circles of vidExiste an affirmation, from Aristotle saying that the human being is politicians what, on the other hand can be true, of another point of view is sufficient doubtful. From a Hebrew perspective, Greek and later also Christian, we learn to look at for the history of the humanity in a linear perspective, with start, way and end. But also this can not be the best truth to explain the human accomplishments and behaviors. What we are wanting to say is that, of in such a way hearing and saying some things, we finish repeating this as if it was a finished truth. But the things are not definitive, therefore what it is can not be, for more paradoxical and pparently illogical that this can seem. Let us take only one example: a medicine that can cure one definitive disease, can produce others or to be poison in determined circumstances.

Therefore, one more time: the things are not definitive, but for a certain mental comodismo we finish believing that everything is what it is; but this. By the way of this of the year that if it initiates, we go to leave of a constatao that contradicts the affirmation of that we live in a linear historical process. Therefore it thinks well, you already repaired that years after year, we always repeat the same rituals? Therefore it observes! Although let us say that we carry through different things and we produce progress, in the reality day after day, we raise in, we fulfill them the same rituals (personal hygiene, coffee of the morning, work) and come back to adormecer toward, in the following day and following week and month and year to repeat the same ritual. It is a life in circle! Our festejos, cultural, folclricas manifestations and the great events. Nothing more they are of what, year after year, repetition? memory process? of the same facts.

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