Androgenic Steroids

Shortness of breath, is a further side effect. a> would agree. Many muscles must be supplied with oxygen, which then of course must be carried to the body faster breathing. In addition increased sweat production and constant hunger are due to increased metabolism and good combustion, possible. An increased susceptibility to infections can be observed, since the Defense substances of the body, where there are also users who report an enhanced immune system. Other side effects that may occur are listlessness, high blood pressure, increased eye pressure, blood value changes, depression, violence, Gynecomastia (female breast formation in males), hair loss, heart growth, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, infertility (Hodenathrophie).

Water retention. Among female users: Menstrual irregularities, head hair loss and “Masculinization”, which can become apparent, inter alia through a deeper voice, clitoral growth and proliferation of Gesichstbehaarung. With regular use over months, also a physical dependence may develop in addition to the mental long-term consequences, what reason is, that the consumer loses most of his gained ground after stopping the drugs. Since most pick up again the next shot. As the heart grows enormously with (heart muscle) is much higher is the risk of a heart attack. The conditional calcification of the arteries increases the risk of stroke and that a heart attack.

Because even with the injection reduced majority of anabolic steroids on the liver (detoxification), liver damage are not uncommon. There is the possibility of a cancer attack of the body. Also the prostate grows strong (especially when using strong Androgenic Steroids) and has also a increased susceptibility to cancer. With regular use, also the thyroid, the kidneys and the stomach can wear damage. Still in the growth of young people taking anabolic steroids can mean the end of the Knochwachstums. Say: The young people no longer continues to grow. Additional application and nature of catabolic and Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids can be illustrated best in bodybuilding.

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