Action Games

To do this, again, create a new paper, write a thread other text vyberat his action created, click Start, and voila, your self-reflection is done, and you only see and rejoice with the finished result. All Action Games are in the folder C: Programm filesAdobeAdobe PhotoshopPresetsActions. Here there and add all the downloaded Action Games. To download them, click on the Actions tab and click on the triangle. After which action will be available to the panel action. It's very simple and convenient friends. Personally, I for myself already have around 40 action games made by me, because very often use popular effects, and that would not do it a hundred times, I just hit start and within 10 seconds I had finished an excellent result.

It saves a lot of time, believe me. Let me explain how it all screenshots works: 1. Take any picture. I took this: 2. Next, go to the Actions tab and click on the triangle: 3. Vyberaem from a list of action games what you need. If there are none, then have them download it by clicking on the Load button and specify the path where you have them uploaded.

I chose the box. Let's say you have chosen action, Action Games consist of two steps, the first step is the full picture, ie You vyberat Step 1 and press a start: 4. After this, you will have the following picture: 5. This is an expanded version of the box, because I chose to create a shooter box. Pay attention to the panel layers, there were new layers that you can correct or amend what is his. Now I'll move our primary picture on the box and write a text string: 6. I will not be here much bother to create a super box, I show you just how it works. You can see in the picture is a vertical line. This side cover of the box. Ie The front we will have which depicts a knight, and the side that says Play Station 3. Now, if you're all done, go to Step 2 – Step 2, and click on the Start button. You'll see in the Layers panel operations occur, there are layers that something is changing etc. This is something that you do not have to do everything myself. Waiting session, you will see the result: "How impressive? We just asked for all the background and added the inscription, but in the end we see that we have received excellent 3D box, but still a reflection of the shadows. This is how lekgo are like that. There is a huge number of action games, but do not forget that you can record your own to suit your needs. I hope I understood everything explained how this work. Use Action Games, and you save a lot of time.

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