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Albuquerque Space

But, this very strong regionalizao will go to develop a speech of a social reality, creating dichotomies as God and Devil, traditional and modern, sea and hinterland, hell and misery (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009) everything this will go to influence of direct form in the formation of the regional identity. This regional identity not this only atrelada the sociological speechliterary e, is important to remember that the painting will go to be one propagates very important to congeal this an image is in the northeast time. It observes what in the day Albuquerque (2009, P. 165): The northeast institution as space of the tradition, of the homesickness, does not become only for the sociological or literary speech. Of it also it participates, for example, the painting, that it looks to carry through this northeast visibility plastic.

It is basic in the transformation in visual forms of the images produced for ' romance of trinta' for traditionalistic and regionalistic sociology. It will crystallize images and go to institute them as ' typical images of regio' , exerting enormous influence in a posterior production, either in the field of the cinema or the television. Therefore these speeches will be constructed from imaginary the cultural one without losing of sight the space and cut space in the construction of the strong so strong regionalism in music, arts, literature and in the painting. Durval observing this it decides to trace a speech on this Northeast that is invented. As we can observe in its proper words: The Northeast is one imagtico-discursivo production formed from a sensitivity each time more specifies, gestada historically, in relation to one given area of the country. is such the consistency of this discursiva and imagtica formularization that makes it difficult, until today, the production of a new configuration of ' verdades' on this space. (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009, p.49). Therefore we can conclude that the works of the involved professor and researchers in this assay contribute of direct form as a strong instrument for analysis and why also not say of alert, for a kept out of society region for that it has the power in its hands, power this to value and to make possible the culture and the called space Northeast. Donald Sussman recognizes the significance of this.