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Intensive Therapy

The pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics is considered important cause of sepse in the patient who presents respiratory insufficience, being able to be sufficiently difficult distinguiz it of other pathological conditions in the patient in ventilation mechanics. Due to high mortality of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics its diagnosis and treatment must be precocious, what it reduces the severity of the illness and improves its prognostic. (David, 2000 apud RASP; PACE; MEDEIROS; VIRGNIO, the 2007) pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics are a frequent infection in the Units of Intensive Therapy, and the suspicion of this it occurs when a patient under respiratory procedure develops new or a gradual one influenced pulmonary associate to the fever and purulenta traqueobrnquica secretion causing increase the period of hospitalization, the indices of morbimortalidade and with significant repercussion in the costs. The team to multidiscipline operating in unit of necessary intensive therapy to be intent for the factors of risk of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics, being able in such a way, to carry through the therapeutical introduction of adequate that it makes possible resulted better physicians. As David (2001 apud RASP; PACE; MEDEIROS; VIRGNIO, 2007), the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics is consequence of the lack of balance between mechanisms of defense of the individual and the microbiano agent, had to the size of it I inoculate or virulence of the microorganism. The nursing team must have constant concern how much to the factors that increase the settling of bacteria in patients in the ventilation use mechanics, in order to diminish the risks of infections to the user of this. The responsible multiprofessional team for a unit of intensive therapy must watch over for the integrity of its patients, knowing that these if find in an advanced degree of dependence and vulnerability, mainly when this patient if it finds connected to a ventilation system mechanics, becoming them still more susceptveis the respiratory infections as the pneumonia, that can still more aggravate the picture of health of this patient, what it makes it difficult its treatment and it draws out its recovery. .

Estrogen Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, my colleagues and I condemn the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to induced high blood pressure, weight gain, problems with the gall bladder and liver, not to mention breast cancer or cancer in women. The health risk caused by hormone replacement therapy outweigh the beneficial qualities. Yes, they reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but only for a while, until you accept them. In addition, if during that period of menopause you are in a stressful condition significantly weakened adrenal function. Healthy glands continue to supply the woman in the post-menopausal estrogen. But in period of stress the adrenal glands are busy produce anti-stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the production of estrogen. Estrogen and estrogen dominance As for estrogen, most women are familiar state of the so-called estrogen dominance.

It occurs when the amount of estrogen in the body is not balanced enough progesterone. This happens as a result of violations of ovulation, or due to saturation of the organism alien chemicals. Contained in pesticides (found in vegetables and fruits), herbicides and plastic (when you eat of the utensils, plastic chemicals that get into food). Such substances called ksenoestrogenami and have estrogen-like effect on you. Usually, they accumulate in body fat and dramatically increase the risk of cancer.

If progesterone is unable to cope with estrogen, you may be problems in the form of swelling, bloating, and menstrual disorders. By and large, we live in a vast number of chemicals that affect hormones, which are present in our food last decades. We are paying with their health all these modern innovations in agriculture and food industry influences the number of sperm and causes the animals and fish change sex. Hormonal problems there as well and among the people. A negative feature is that the substitution hormone therapy does not include progesterone itself, but carries a synthetic hormone-like substances progestins or progestogens called. In fact, this artificial hormones. Side effects of hormone replacement therapy side effects are irritability, liver dysfunction, vaginal bleeding, problems with blood clotting and so on, in addition, they weaken the positive effects of estrogen on the heart. At the same time, the artificial hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used much more estrogen than a natural! Therefore, it is better to dwell on more natural remedies If you transferred a partial removal of the uterus (ie, your ovaries continue to function) before menopause, you will have the same hormonal changes that in the normal menstrual cycle. If you need more hormones, and you advised to use estrogen only, because you do not have cancer, you still need to be supplemented welcome any additional estrogen natural progesterone. If the uterus is removed completely and you need HRT, use the lowest possible dose of estrogen for you and always natural progesterone. Some women experience early menopause, which can lead to a number of factors: estrogen-like chemicals in the environment, smoking and frequent alcohol use, or even critically malnourished (Diety!). As Anyway, you should make sure that your bones stay healthy. You need to periodically ru

Occupational Therapy

Landmarks historical of the Occupational Therapy. The Occupation that you give of the antiquity was used as measured of care and assistance the sick people, had in ' ' training of hbitos' ' in 1917 of Eleonor Clarke Slagle a first technique does not medicate, for first education and assistance in Occupational Therapy. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dean Ornish M.D. Classic civilizations as the Egyptians and Greeks used the occupation as treatment form. Hipcrates and Galeno (Parents of Medicine) recommended exercises in gymnasia as half of recovery of illnesses. 1789 French Revolution, that was one of two great historical landmarks for the Occupational Therapy. End of century XVIII and beginning of century XIX, the occupation wide started to be accepted as metal treatment sick, having as main name the Dr. Philipp Pinel (Current philosophical? Humanismo)? With the positivismo and the sprouting of the hospital medicine the decline of the use of the occupations starts as treatment form.

(current organicista)? Half of century XIX result of the Industrial Revolution initiated the surgical use of the quimioterpicos and processes, and in this the mental institutions start to be great experimental laboratories and abuses were committed in function of the inquiry. Beginning of century XX, comes the reemergencia of the ideas of the moral treatment ally the emergency of the new theory of the psicobiologia of Adolf Meyer. For Meyer the occupation was conceived as the factor of possibility of a dynamic and human balance since the man has ways to exist, to think and to act that they get excited constantly. 1906 Hermon Simon gave beginning to the active treatment, opposition to the treatment in the stream bed, it believed that the absolute rest abolished the mental activity. In 1908, everything starts with a course of 6 weeks in occupation and curativa recreation given by Grahan Taylor for hospital attendants.

Where Eleonor Clarke Slagle if exactly formed in this course in July of 1911. In December of 1914, in a meeting of hospital workers the architect George Edward Barton suggested the name of the profession ' ' THERAPY OCUPACIONAL' '. The therapy starts to be qualified part occupation, and not it occupation for the therapy. In 1915, Eleonor Clarke Slage organized the first professionalizing course for occupational therapy. In 1915 Willian Rush Dunton it makes the first complete manual of instructions of occupational therapy. 1917 ' ' training of hbitos' ' of Eleonor Clarke Slage and a first technique does not medicate, for first education and assistance in occupational therapy. Eleonor Clarke Slagle was one of the founders of the first regular school of occupational therapy.


Who does not know to Pucca? That little girl with Eastern factions and a lovely appearance. But you know the story of Pucca? do you know how and for what was created? Pucca character was originally created as the image of a company’s online postcards, but such was the acceptance that the South Korean company Vooz, Pucca creator, decided to make a small series of 24 episodes, with a duration of two minutes and a half each, calling Pucca Funny Love. Here, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this series almost appeared only Pucca and Garu, and the plot focused on attempts by Pucca for stealing a kiss to Garu. As his acceptance was immediate, decided to join larger firms to perform a series of 26 episodes of 22 minutes each, which added new characters and added new emotions with each episode. Pucca is a ten year old girl, and her three uncles are the owners of a Chinese noodle restaurant, located in Sooga Village, a small village in the mountains. Pucca is in love with a little ninja of 13 years, Garu, which you are not interested in love, and much less give a kiss to Pucca. Pucca one to get a kiss from her beloved Garu, while Garu will do its utmost to flee pucca. Besides Pucca and Garu, the series boasts other characters such as Dumpling, Lingini and Ho, the three uncles of Pucca noodles restaurant owners; Ching, Pucca’s best friend; Ring ring, the enemy of Pucca; Tobe, a ninja Garu enemy; and the best friend of Garu, Abyo.

Other characters in the series are Soso, master Soo, Shaman, Muji, Dada, Chang and Pandoga. The series of Pucca has reached great acceptance in Asia, Europe and Latin America, where also sold numerous articles of Pucca as clothes, pencils, pencil cases, lunchboxes, backpacks, journals, and until Pucca games for some consoles. There are also lots of Pucca and Garu games online, great fun, and with different themes like Pucca Pursuit, Runaway Pucca or Garus Getaway. Original author and source of the article