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Regan tells King Lear that ' ' nature in you stands on the very verge of to her confine.' ' In to other words, you' reverse speed getting too old you make your own decisions, and Regan' behavior s is only that of good, natural daughter. We' ve already seen (' ' allow not nature lives than nature needs ' ') King Lear says that it is superfluous luxuries that natural raise US above the level of animals. He will soon change his mind. Kent and to other basically good characters see the treatment of Lear and Gloucester the unnatural. Albany says you the Goneril, ' ' That nature which condemns itself in origin cannot bordered certain in itself' ' — i.e., if you mistreat your own parent, what kind of person must you be? Writers who talk about the Elizabethans believing in cosmic hierarchy and only forth will see the moral warning against deviating from nature: If you have violated nature by being less than generous you your parent, your self-centeredness will grow and you will become morally worse than an animal. King Lear calls on the storm you ' ' crack nature' s moulds' ' and end the human race.

Kent you urge King Lear you seek to shelter, since ' ' man' nor s nature cannot carry the affliction the force' ' and ' ' the tyranny of the open night' s too rough will be nature you endure.' ' Wedge 14 King Lear, crazy, asks to whether Regan' natural s hard-heartedness is the result of disease or chemistry or something perhaps cultural or perhaps supernatural. ' ' Is there any causes in nature that makes this hardness? ' ' When Lear falls asleep in the last storm scene, Kent sees his madness ' ' oppressed nature' ' sleeping. The physician calls sleep ' ' our foster-nurse of nature.' ' Readers may to remember Macbeth, who to after committing the ' ' unnatural' ' crime of killing king, becomes an insomniac.

Yoga For Insomnia

There are many ways that yoga can help a person who suffers from insomnia, since has numerous and diverse benefits for sleep. Since yoga stimulates the nervous system, and more particularly the brain, it will be helpful in enhancing the quality of sleep. And through different postures yoga practice helps to increase the blood circulation to the center of the dream located in the brain, thus normalizing the sleep cycle. Yoga for Insomnia is a wonderful way to relieve the nights without sleep, and as it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, Rejuvenates the whole body. Finally, their breathing routines allow that you among more oxygen in the body, thus clearing the mind of any distraught thought. It is believed that, on average, if a person devotes one minute to yoga, this will induce a minute of sleep in that person seen as well, it is an exceptional investment of our time. Yoga for insomnia can also make a person fall asleep much faster and it improves the quality of sleep, as well as ensuring that one does not need so many hours of sleep.

The dream is more rested due to the impact of yoga and the subsequent reduction in our levels of tension and fatigue. Yoga for insomnia makes us feel ready to wake up the next morning with a feeling of repose full and ready for everything, rather than want to continue sleeping in the bed. Yoga for insomnia can also help through their relaxing physical exercises, breathing techniques and your complete relaxation which, as a whole, promote a rested and regular sleep without the need to resort to pills to induce sleep, which can interfere with the natural cycle of the dream of the body. Those who find difficulties to fall asleep or remain asleep can be tested a few sequences of yoga deep relaxation and meditation, in lying position, for half an hour before bedtime, which encourages a pleasant dream. This procedure helps to stop our mental conversations for a few minutes and gives the rest you need, stopping the ongoing process of thinking in our ideas, memories and anxieties, since it is the impossibility of stopping this process to mind what often keeps us without being able to sleep. Daily yoga for insomnia can also reduce other symptoms of insomnia, and their physical exercises, which also help to stretch and relax our muscles, help to reduce fatigue and stress, while maintaining our physical system at the maximum levels of health. Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist, with a variety of interests.

Healthy Skin – Potential Security !

You look at any other representative of a strong half and his face painted all his tumultuous biography – the age of 50 the face looks like a baked apple. But the right person and the whole body is covered with loose skin under which there are bumps benign – the consequences of injuries, trauma, inflammation. The human body is designed so wise that he is able to regulate itself. And if any part fails, the other comes to her rescue. But we are fools try to ditch it all at once or watch just for the fact that it seems most important to others. Poor skin condition leads to a general fading of the body, affects the metabolism, the work of enzymes, hormones. In particular, for men – testosterone level drops.

It is no accident that during or after going to the bath increased the desire of many. Hormonal system strives to normal as possible and testosterone increases. That's why real men preferably regularly go to the bath .. Men's skin needs constant care. Let's start with the person. Men, I strongly recommend to lubricate the skin cream suitable for them in the morning and evening. Periodically change the cream. Smear cream brand is not necessarily a cheap and high quality.

And no, you can prepare yourself. I have often written as it is done with deodorized sunflower oil herbs and essential oils. The main thing to find what suits. Facial skin requires special care because experiencing the greatest burden, but perhaps with the exception of arms.

Winter Health Tips

Winter is coming to an end, and our skin begins to require special care. With numerous challenges facing both young girls and boys and adult men and women. That's why we give you some advice. They needed specifically to help you and your skin transition from autumn-winter period in the spring. Firstly, it will be the color of the face. Zachastuyu our skin looks tired and slightly worn. And it is not surprising, because in winter skin undergoes a lot of tests: an unusually low temperatures, icy winds. As a result, we see a pale complexion and bags under the eyes and much more.

How to deal with it? This may help Israel Cosmetics DeSheli. For example, a cosmetic set Crystal Youth of the firm is a gentle exfoliation, which is ideal for winter maintenance. The fact is that during this period is dangerous to use a hard scrub. You can only use soft film and mask. And due to its consistency and gentle peeling structure basis gentle scrub from DeSheli absolutely not dangerous to use. And also you should remember that after such procedures should only wash with boiled water.

A then give preference to daytime moisturizer with an SPF of 15 intelligent crystals. This will help restore the skin. And no harm will, of course, the sauna. Second, a significant problem is the dryness of the skin. If summer period characterized by excessively oily skin, winter brings us absolutely the opposite problem. Even holders of greasy skin types tend to moisturize your face. How to deal with it? To cope with this lack of You will also help cosmetic line from Crystal Youth DeSheli. We recommend that you use to wash cleansing lotion this company. He cleanse pores, improve skin elasticity fibers support the moisture balance and protects the skin with vitamins, A, B and C. And also incredibly assistance will Collagen Serum, which is applied under the morning and afternoon cream. This tool is enriched with natural ingredients to regenerate cells and restore skin structure. Third, in autumn-winter period in addition to dryness of our skin is suffering more and irritation. Appear on the face peeling, burning, redness. How to deal with it? To cope with the inflammation, you must use a cream consisting of contain panthenol, calendula oil and vitamins A and E to restore skin we advise you to use the mud mask on the basis of proteins and minerals from the . It is well exfoliates, removes dead skin cells, smooths the skin and increases firmness and elasticity. With swelling under the eyes will help to cope with ice cubes rubbing age of infusion of chamomile. Or just use the gel from the age DeSheli. He removes the dark circles under the eyes, soothe and reduce swelling, the moisture in the cells of the delay and give the skin smooth and supple. These are a few tips aimed at addressing almost all skin problems in the autumn-winter season. We hope that our tips will help you, and you can easily overcome this difficult period of climatic transition. Source:

Walnut Health Properties

Walnut Walnut – a tree up to 25-35 mm thick and 2 meters with a dark gray cracked bark. Crohn's lifted up, shatraobraznaya, the branches are thick. The leaves are large, imparipinnate with 5-9 single cut or slabozubchatymi leaves at the apex blunt or pointed. Staminate flowers in multicolored thick catkins, pistillate – 2-4, at least 10, at the tips of shoots. Fruit – green drupe in the shell, which, after abscission brown, and the edible pit, commonly called a nut. Blossoms walnut before leafing in April and May. The fruits ripen in August and September. Homeland walnut is not Greece, as many believe, a Middle and Low Asia.

Walnut bred in the south of European Russia, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus. It grows in ravines and river valleys, in the mixed deciduous forests, climbs into the mountains to an altitude of 1500 – 1800 m above sea level. Usually these are isolated trees or small groups, at least – the grove. From one native tree harvested 300 kg of nuts, and from 1 ha – 1000 kg. In a culture with a single tree can be obtained in good years 1000-1600 kg, and 1 m to 3 m, sometimes up to 10-15 m.

Useful properties of walnut kernels in the kernel to 80% fatty oils containing linolenic acids. linoleic. oleic acid. palmitic, stearic. lauric. myristic, arahinovuyu acid, about 20% protein, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, 3-4% tannins, quinones, and minerals. The healing properties of walnut were known in antiquity.