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Pets For Health

Pets are an integral part of our life, pets, able to brighten our leisure, as well as give much needed for all of us love and attention. Animal is close to people since ancient times – some of them with benefits in the form of food, but still the main role of pets is to be a reliable companion and devoted friend to man. But unlike humans, pets in Chelyabinsk rarely betray their masters. Even in old age, people who suffer from depression, neurosis and other mental illness, doctors 'prescribed' cold invigorating shower, walking barefoot through the dew and horseback riding after sunset, and the Greeks often used the dog's ability to cope with the infirmities of their owners. Pets – Unique assistants, which are designed to protect against diseases of those who tamed. Especially those healing properties are inherent to cats who feel the pain of the host and by touching sick organ, 'take' her own. depression, discouragement, lack of energy – it is an incomplete list of diseases that pets can cure their owner is ill. Help homeless animals as display compassion and care, can also help cure a sick person.

in the process of parenting pets are very helpful. And the wind Pet must be long before the child is able to ask the 'little friend'. Constant presence with the baby pet, touch, games allow the little man soon emerge in a harmonious personality. But the safety issue in this case is not of secondary importance, so the homeless animals in Chelyabinsk, and indeed in another city are unlikely to become your child's complete companion for the games. If in your house have the baby, bring the house an animal that would grow with them (kittens, puppies in Chelyabinsk) and do not forget to check with your new pet if all required immunizations and vaccines. What can give pet for your child? First, the kid who trained to take care of their pet, and does it with great pleasure, has a better chance in the future be kind and patient person, capable of manifestation care and compassion. Second, communication with the pet, will enable the child to quickly develop their communication skills.

If the relationship is kid and pet develops under the sign 'plus', the child automatically increased self-confidence in their abilities, which helps to establish trust and open relationships with people. Of course, care for pets should not be the entire responsibility on the shoulders of the child, but it should aware that the animal, as well as the people have a need for food, fellowship and friendly relations. Child, caring for pets, it becomes kinder, more mature, more patient, and responsible. Despite the fact that home Pets – a full-fledged members of our family, any animal from time to time needs to be examined by a doctor and, if necessary, treatment and vaccination. To date, there are specialized centers that are capable of ensure your pet need medical attention. In addition to medical functions to be performed overexposure cats or dogs, if you need some time to leave. take care of your pet, love it, and know that he will always answer you in return.

Eue Health

According to the theory of Bates, many visually impaired, including myopia and hyperopia, arising out of the eye muscles. In the short-sighted man too stiff transverse muscles (responsible for eye’s ability to stretch forward) and longitudinal weakened (allowing the eye to move up and down and sideways). Imagine a balloon. If you put pressure on him from above and below, it will be stretched forward – so seems short-sighted eyes. And farsighted – stretched lengthwise and transverse weakened. Since I have myopia, I will consider all the example of myopia. According to the theory of Bates, if you want to see objects in the distant distance, it is necessary to elongate the eyes relaxed (to relax the transverse muscles) and took the form of a ball. And the focus is on the retina.

When we wear glasses, we deceive our eyes. Expense of the lens we see the good, but eye, however, remains tense. And if so, then it does not need to relax – and so are perfectly visible. Strained eyes squeezed harder and harder, we prescribe glasses are thicker and thicker. That is, points contribute eyesight.

In order to avoid this and to teach the eyes to work properly, you must either stop using glasses or, if severe myopia, and it is difficult to give up points (like in my case), wear glasses on several diopters less. Thus, the eye begins to relax, to see into the distance. Gradually, as the addiction, and relaxation of muscles, reduce the need diopters. In parallel, it is necessary to relax the clenched muscles and train weak. A second argument against the points lies in the fact that the reduced field of view. We are looking only within the glass. Points immobilize the eye, our longitudinal muscles weaken. Try to look away. Please note that if you turn your head completely, or did it expense of eye movements. By learning to re-use their eyes, look right to me to mind the analogy with people from injury to re-learn walk. Have to put a lot of effort but the result is justified. Unfortunately, many ophthalmologists, writing a prescription for regular glasses, do not even think about all the above. When I first changed my glasses (-9 and -10) at -8 Diopters, all employees of Optics surprise there was no limit. “The Doctor” (I can not take that word in quotes) asked: “What will you see?” Do not worry, normally seen and still see no worse, but for now wear glasses with windows to -5 diopters. I can not wait to go again in the same optics, to change the glass on 4 and look at the astonished merchants!