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Diseases Of The Spine In The Fall: Prevention And Treatment

Almost everyone has heard of seasonal illnesses, but not everyone knows of which occur in the body, such processes, what they do, from which they originate, and in general how to fight them. For high-risk people are those who have some problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system as a whole. Autumn is the most dangerous period for these categories of people, so the issue of prevention and treatment of the disease before it recurrence, should come with full responsibility and with some knowledge with which we are following and try to understand. After the fall begins to come into its rights, together with changes in the weather come and change in our organism. What caused this pattern? The answer is very simple and lies on the surface, simply – we are a part of nature.

After all, not something or someone to exist separately, while in one ecosystem, and we are with you this is no exception. Today I would like to talk about quite a topical issue – the problems and seasonal diseases of the spine that are caused by the arrival of a cold, wet and unstable weather, and these factors are able to wake up in the organism of the diseases that you thought were healed or not progressive. But all this can be avoided by adhering to specific advice and guidance. Of course, if the disease has already begun actively progressing whether it's sciatica, osteochondrosis, or the like. In manual therapy, and simple at the same time, a rational response to the question of seasonal diseases: diseases of the joints and the spine is not the season, and not from the fall, and they – from the head. It may seem that the statement sounds dire, and perhaps even rude. But it is true, and anyone who wants to oppose it, can effectively take advantage of several tips and tricks that will save You from such problems. According to studies, diseases of the spine, escalating in the fall – is a consequence of neurosis, the weakness of the nervous system and immunity, and how these factors activate any chronic disease.

There is a category of people who can not withstand the changes in nature and your body, resulting in awake chronic diseases make themselves known trauma, and overall health is in decline. Absolutely all physicians, and it is not only neurologists and chiropractic doctors say bite the bullet and wait until the "stop hurting" – absolutely not. It may be that chronic disease through some time again quiet, but the next relapse, which can happen already next spring – will be more dangerous and requires serious treatment. Therefore, this measure can not be postponed "back burner", and at the first recurrence of symptoms of any disease or spinal locomotor need to seek assistance from chiropractor. Plus, a rapid response to disease – is, first, a speedy recovery, and secondly, minimal stress and damage to your body. If you are having similar problems or do you know about their diseases seasonal nature of contact if assistance will be provided in a timely manner, the undesirable effects can be be avoided altogether, and you'll enjoy a full life all year round and do not think of chronic diseases.

Disease And Rehabilitation

Sit next to his bed, wash the floor in the room where he was, humming songs, read a rumor do everything possible and everything depends on you. If you are sick you and your family for one reason or another can not devote your time to you, then – fight, no matter how hard – Fight! Later, when the acute phase rehabilitation period is passed, you can calm down a little, but do not relax and give up. It is important to adjust the patient on positive thinking, remembering with pleasant experiences of life, looked at pictures; inflate bubbles in bed sick with it, balloons, etc. At all stages of the flow pattern of the disease desired support of a psychologist, more effective in dealing simvoldramy, or a combination of verbal method psychotherapy with autogenic training and visualization specifically designed for the individual patient. In the human imagination lies an enormous force, it can heal us from the deadly disease and prolong our lives. However, it is equally important to understand the true etiology of the disease, because if it does not irradiation (radiation), then most likely source – Psychosomatics, plus frequent stress, nervous tension, inability to express their emotions, etc.

Psycho-correctional work in such cases is carried out both individually and in groups. Particular emphasis is placed on working with the unconscious man. And the image and character – it is a successful product of the unconscious, which is already on stage presentation, and then helps respond emotions and make them more visible, easier to comprehend, for pronunciation. It is very important in the way of improvement to be honest with yourself and have the desire to be healthy. Accordingly, in addition to imaging techniques, it is important to teach people to recognize their emotions and express them, talk about them. Teach a man to listen to yourself – it's a long way, but it can be successfully performed.

None emotion is not worthy of our denial and abuse. Our emotions and negative, including those given to us not just because, without them we would not be human beings, we would have two halves. Do not seek to make of themselves as "disabled". "The psyche – is subjective reflection of objective reality. " The key word here – "subjective". That is, in the same events, one sees something different. From this definition it is a corollary: "The main thing is not that what the world really important how do you see him. " Suffering man inflicts partially outside world, but most people do not realize that what happens in his life, he also has a direct connection. Often external events are consequences of internal reasons. And when a person begins to confuse the effect with cause, he generally does the problem unsolvable. The problem of man is not the situation, and in the way of its perception. Remember that psychological health, psychological support and correction, timely study of stress: pain, hurt, wounds, work for the benefit of man only in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. This includes normal ecology, and healthy food and regular physical activity a minimum, and, of course, not smoking, and alcohol. A cancer – it is hard life span, it must survive. Everybody can get in life exactly as much as he can bear. Road by walking.

Nerve Disease

Banal phrase that 'all diseases of the nerves', acquires a special meaning when it comes to infections, which afflicted more than 95% of the population of the planet. Only 5% of lucky people will never know that such a 'cold on the lips. " A the rest usually have to endure worsening of frequency from 2 to 10 times a year. The very name of 'herpes' (translated from the Greek 'sneak') was given to the disease at about the 100th bc Herodotus. Indeed, herpes sneaks quietly: no obvious signs of illness do not have to until the skin is not the unpleasant, painful rashes. As we infected with the? It is believed that the virus enters the body in early childhood: 3-4 years, when depleted defense against him, obtained from mother to child.

Most often, infection occurs through a kiss. In this case, not necessarily the presence of an exacerbation. When the virus enters the body, it is embedded in the nerve endings, and on them, with the current fluid supply nerves, gets into the cluster of nerve cells (ganglia), where 'sleeping' till the moment of activation. Genital herpes is not a venereal disease, although related to transmitted diseases sexually. They can be infected by a partner, not having an exacerbation. From infection does not protect the condom. That is why in the U.S. on the packages of condoms became indicate a disease in which the presence of condoms does not help; among them, and herpes. Why is it activated? Activation of the virus can occur under the influence of various factors: during colds, flu, menstruation, stomach disorders or any other disease, and after the solar burns or hypothermia, when poisoning or excessive use of alcohol, during times of stress or fatigue.


Disease "Itai Itai-'. The disease is characterized by the deformation of the skeleton with a marked decrease in growth, lumbar pain, painful events in the muscles of the legs, duck walk. Renal disease with the disease "Itai Itai," similar to those symptoms that occur in chronic occupational poisoning with cadmium. For the first time the disease was discovered in 1946 in women over 45 years in Fuhu in Japan. Cadmium in the body got to the rice grown on fields are irrigated with water from the river, with a high content of metal. Because the disease primarily affects women, who had multiple pregnancies and lactation, we believe that insufficient intake of Vitamin D and calcium in the body and the depletion of women during pregnancy are predisposing pathogenetic factors.

"Oil" of the disease when exposed to organochlorines. In 1968, the Japanese production Cleaning rice oil in a transformer oil fell. As a result of the use in food contaminated oil affected about two thousand people and 149 people died. The initial symptoms of the disease were excessive salivation, swelling of the upper eyelid, eel-like rash, increased activity of sebaceous glands, skin pigmentation, sweating, feeling of weakness. The disease is characterized by a general exhaustion, malaise, headache pain, difficulty breathing, often joined by an upper respiratory infection were noted numbness and pain in the extremities, reduced sensitivity, decreased or absent reflexes. In all cases pigmentation of the skin, mucous membranes, conjunctiva, large eel-like rash. The peculiarity of the oil of the disease – long-term course and recovering after a few years and complained of persistent headaches, numbness, general weakness.

In women who develop the disease SE Shaw, in many cases the children were born prematurely, sometimes dead, and with such dark skin, that they were called ("black baby"). Their weight was less than weight babies born to healthy mothers. The number of children with congenital malformations, gingivitis, diseases of the teeth, skin, lungs, impaired cognition, behavior problems, impaired intelligence and neuro-psychological delays razvitiya.Vtoroe mass poisoning, called Yu-Cheng, was on the island of Taiwan in 1979 from food grade rice oil contaminated with decomposed when heated organochlorines. Affecting more than two thousand people and infected women had children with symptoms of poisoning, which were manifested in abnormal liver function, increased mortality. Legionnaires' disease (Sin.legionellez). Just the other articles on the website directory of medical articles. One of the latest articles Diseases, which are the cause of unfavorable environmental factors

Human Diseases And Possible Cures

This biological activity has to date not a single natural product in the world. At Perge contains about 240 biologically active substances – protein, sugar, mineral salts, and almost all the vitamins, enzymes, with high antimicrobial properties and biological value, phytohormones, amino acids, as well as a safe anabolic. Minerals: K (40%), Mg (25%), Fe (17%), Ca (17%), vitamins: A, C, P, E. Perga has a good therapeutic effect on anemia. Acceptance of this tool for 2 – 3 weeks will give the opportunity to raise hemoglobin to normal. Perga – an effective tool in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate (Prostatitis), it is recommended for all men 40 – 45 years and older. They should eat daily 5 – 10 grams of ambrosia for the prevention of inflammation and prostate adenoma.

Successfully used this tool for the treatment of impotence. Dose in this If the above 15-30 grams per month. In combination with honey is used for hypertension, as well as in the treatment of other serious diseases, especially the nervous and endocrine systems. It is indispensable to the operations and their aftermath. In addition, ambrosia is recommended for: hepatitis, gastritis, colitis, gastric and duodenal violation of potency, male infertility anemia allergies flu psoriasis, herpes heart attack, stroke neurodermatitis, eczema purgation disorders of cerebral circulation of heart failure alcoholism, drug abuse pregnancy pathology of cranial trauma dementia, memory loss genekologicheskih diseases.

Scientists in the U.S. and other countries believe that the preparations of the pollen can help to eradicate in the near future, many human diseases (American Bee Journal, 1994). Ambrosia pollen and increase the immunobiological properties, improves adaptive capacity, reduce body fatigue. Parchment used in the treatment of colitis, chronic constipation, hepatitis, chronic inflammation of the prostate, impotence, and in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. In recent years, interest in Perge has increased dramatically thanks to its many advantages over the pollen. Especially successfully treated parchment disease associated with diseases mochelovoy areas for men including prostatitis. For preventive purposes it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons a day. In therapeutic uses the dose increases to 4 teaspoons a day. However, due to the high bioactivity of the parchment is not recommended before bedtime, unless, of course you will not be a night of love. If you have any problems with the acquisition of Perge, contact the author of the article. Dmitry Protasov

Setting Up A Blogger

This article is for those who are interested in the free service Blogger. I've already talked a lot about him, his main strengths and weaknesses. I propose today to discuss possible areas of service. In general, how and why you can use the Blogger: 1) The first thing that comes to mind – is to use the service as a test site for a beginner blogovoda. These nurseries that allow painless to try yourself as a blogger. Assess the strength, to experiment, make acquaintances and friends, to join the Internet community, etc. You can even try to make money. 2) Experienced bloggers, too, service may not be useless.

First of all, to experiment with projects oriented to English-speaking Internet, and secondly to krosspostinga, thirdly, perhaps for some personal small projects which do not want to spend money. In general, the possible applications you can find quite a few as for experienced people and beginners. Another question – "There is in fact a lot of other services. Why Blogger? . In principle, it is not necessary to use Google's service, you can stay at an alternative, but I think is not the worst choice, besides it, I have accumulated some experience. I will not tell how to register a blog at Blogger, and fifth-grader is able to.

I want to note some important features, options and settings ignoring that you can lose a lot in the truest sense of the word. So, immediately after registration (assuming that you already thought of myself right domain name, title, description, etc.) should pay attention the following settings (I will not give screenshots, well localized service, so no problem, you can easily sorientiruetes). The main settings are in my Blogger "Settings" and "Layout". Let's start with the settings, leaving until the 'Layout' classic default: 1) tab "Basic Information". In this tab, you specify the name and description. In contrast to the domain name, then you can change, but I still recommend to think of these things in advance. We put the "Yes" in the following settings: Add your blog to our directory? You want the search engines find your blog? Show links to send e-mail? The first two options will make your blog accessible to all Internet users, and even begins his announcement on the service. It is true traffic is not particularly targeted, but it is tangible and. The last option allows you to send to friends and acquaintances posts in e-mail, do not tell people that this part enjoy, but it is better to let be. The remaining items in this tab are not critical and can leave the default, or well on their own taste.