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Green Tea Prevents Diabetes

Healthier and stronger than coffee morning trying many people to get their circulation with one or more cups coffee in swing. The private insurance Portal presents a very healthy alternative to coffee: the green tea. Energy drinks are no serious alternative if the coffee kick is no longer sufficient in the morning. Anyone looking for an enjoyable and above all healthy alternative to coffee, should try it with green tea. This is the unfermented leaves of the tea plant.

Depending on the type of tea the stimulant effect of tea can exceed well of coffee. This is confirmed by the scientist Michael Ristow of the Chair of human nutrition at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. In particular, the type of tea Gyokoro has a particularly stimulating effect. In addition, the green tea is very beneficial to health. So, the polyphenols found in tea have a protective effect against cancer and diabetes. In addition they can capitalize on the function of the brain. Another reason to by To switch to coffee to tea, the author Jan Weiler calls. He expresses in his Verschnabeltassung of coffee consumption theory against the trend, to drink coffee always and everywhere in a paper Cup with drinking lid. However, this is a matter of personal style as a serious argument for or against the tea. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tips for Presenting

Feel safe to present winning the personal appearance is critical to the success of a presentation or a lecture. Who knows how voice and articulation to focus and to signal presence and sovereignty, with the posture WINS sympathy and trust his audience and increases the persuasiveness of its contents. Therefore, exercises for breathing, the multifaceted and the expressiveness of the voice, as well as for an authentic winning body language are the most important elements of any good presentation workshops. But what to do if stage fright, lack of confidence or fear of the big disgrace sabotage the compelling broadcast? Acting quickly and profoundly mental techniques like BSFF (called also anti virus software for the brain) help here. With them it is possible to emotional and mental power to take to bring negative inner voices to silence and to fear-inducing previous experience on serenity, security and joy at the appearance programming. Feel safe, winning present”is the concept of the novel presentation workshops by actress/lecturer in speech training Manuela Reiser and mental trainer Gabriela Friedrich.

In other words: breathing, voice, body language and innovative, hypnosis-like mental training with the little-known method of BSFF. In the workshops, participants develop one authentic presentation I so they full of self-confidence present concepts, hold speeches, lectures or speeches, make sales calls or can conduct training. Unique here: Learn also the self-testing of BSFF in everyday working life. So are able to communicate very easily even with her unconscious and give him instructions, to resolve such as fear or inner pressure and inner peace to replace it, to replace inhibiting beliefs motivating or drop unloved habits. The next workshop dates: 14th and 15th September in Hamburg: strong woman,.


Start with prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage many people in the second half of life are afraid to lose with age, their mental capacity. The terms dementia and Alzheimer’s describe the potential Specter. It is true that dementia is a problem of old age, it is also true that, however, something can be done. The sooner, the better. It has the opportunity to optimize the supply of the brain with micro-nutrients. However is observed with increasing age increasingly that the supply of micronutrients is no longer optimal. The national consumption study funded by the Federal Government made that clear. Elderly people are vulnerable to deficient vital micronutrients.

As a result, The blood levels of the appropriate vitamins and trace elements fall, oxidative stress and harmful metabolic products such as the homocysteine can take the upper hand. It also negatively affects the mental capacity and the immune status of the affected people. Dementia and frequent infections can be the result. An early nutritional screening with micro nutrients such as MemoVitum is absolutely appropriate. What can you do to stay even in the age as long mentally fit and healthy. One of the possible measures comes from the nutrition research and ensures an optimization of the supply status with micro-nutrients. Unfortunately, it is an illusion to think that older people would eat always sufficient with fresh fruit and vegetables, to ensure or optimize their supply status with micro-nutrients. Taking supplementary of special products with micronutrients is necessarily offered in this age group, especially as a number of studies show that mental performance supported by active taking of vitamins and trace elements. As has been shown recently in a study again that people reduce their personal risk of dementia can they selectively eat micronutrients in addition. Also, these studies have shown that micronutrient tablets to the pension are suitable.

English Society

According to Foucault (1988 p.20): There where the soul intends to unify itself, there where I invents for itself an identity or a coherence, the genealogista part in search of the start? of the myriad starts that leave this color suspicion, this almost extinguished mark that does not allow to dissociar I and to make popular in the places and hiddings place of its empty synthesis, a thousand now lost events. Michael Focault (1988) in them presents the individual as indispensable to the knowledge, where if he establishes criteria that judge the cognition of this knowledge, as necessary its coexistence. So that its coexistence makes direction, the aged one must is assumen of the knowledge, ahead of the thought and the factors of development, through its history its identity, evidencing its experiences.

To the service I publish and its economic policies consist to adopt abilities and knowledge that allow them to fully explore the capacity of the aged one, integrating it actively the society. To this contribution and its equity if they make necessary to approach you practise curricular, as well as a legislation that goes beyond knowing and of the health of the aged one, propitiating a communication of autonomy of the development of intelligence. Current society a miditica society that fights against preconceptions, established for same it and that it serves of reference of a full society of ideologies, ethics and moral that condition the aging the uselessness condition. They leave of one I begin, exceeded and of you practise theoreticians who so only reflect a society estagnada, and that she only instruments to approach the factors problematic of the aging. Not looking for to constitute one politics that integrates the aged according to society English minister of the Health, Ian Mac Leod, the increase of the aging is the Everest Mount of the present time, with social problems that must be argued the governmental level, with an integration, if, formularizations and preconceptions, extending the care with the aged one and understanding its singularity of existence giving the necessary dimension, the demographic explosion of the maturation of the aged one, as well as of its necessities.

The Outburst

It is certain that humor is repeated, but is certain that the life in itself is repeated, oxygen also is repeated, the sky and the sea is always equal. Generally their subjects are the same ones, but in the life the subjects are the same. The policy is its favorite adversary ( it is this coincidence? she will be also an adversary of the life); but she is that if not outside by the armor of seriousness that likes to dress and by the airs that forzozamente assume, the politicians would be the best humorists although he does not lack who are convinced of that affirmation. Sex also is repeated like vital subject of humor, but the man always has tended to make fun of than it does not know, than it does not understand or than one feels incapable. In same it, the mouth and the brain compensate pleasantly what other organs do not reach to culminate in satisfactory form. The human cartoon and the mockery of the characters also were accustomed. The ridicule and the exaggeration of the physical and emotional characteristics allow the man to make fun of of their same types and itself.

It is a subtle form to express revolt and dissatisfaction by the great human imperfection, at the same time as it inclines to surpass itself with his own means to itself and to reach optimal levels of accomplishment, at the same time as one goes pleasant awhile. In any case humor arrived to remain. It is the last vestige of the small-man-true-human that there is within each of us (Good, of the majority). It is the last reason to rejoice with intelligence, to have hope, to justify the tolerance. By him we aspired to live in a world that it respects to us and it tries to us seriously. It is the passport to the true importance of spirit, when going beyond the reasons, when being more here of the happiness.

The outburst of laughter justifies humor, demands it to the life. We did not resign ourselves to be without him. We demand the precise irony, the perfect and opportune sarcasm. We surprise the fine commentary before the impertinent one of turn, the intelligent exit before the tyrant who tries to asphyxiate to us. We prefer the laughter to the ulcer, the applause to the chains, the rejoicing of the spirit to the impositions of the fools, the salt of the life to the starch of the soul. Original author and source of the article.