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Being Overweight

For the majority of people to be in form or is not translated in not having overweight hard, being physically, or having the resistance necessary to deliver certain attacks physical that its present physical training conditions does not allow him and that can revert to him in certain to malstar emotional that it prevents him to feel well in a while certain. Nevertheless, there is one more a more exact form to know the state form. Puleva Health, through its vestibule of health and well-being, has created a test to evaluate the physical training conditions of a person, with only one test. For this test it is only needed a step of about 35 centimeters height and a chronometer. One will be due to realise the exercise that indicates the vestibule according to the weight, and to verify the results in the table that offers the same Web site, according to the age and the sort. For it is very important that the person who is realising the test does not forget to measure her pulsations before and after the exercise. The Puleva vestibule Health, with more than 6 million annual visits, is an initiative of Puleva that has been awarded by Ministry of Industry by its 9 years of trajectory in the network, disclosing its knowledge on health, well-being and nutrition.


Everything does not pass of appearances. Of the appearance of this perspective, or this interaction. from there we conclude that an essence for the things does not exist temporarily, since everything is changedded at every moment, leaving of being, same that conserving something, until, in continuous transformations, already not conserve nothing of what we consider the starting point, not to be the proper condition to continue moving, to keep the movement. Therefore, it, or the ideal does not exist the thing in inhabiting the world of the ideas, as it wanted Plato. It has only something, that already left of being in the following instant. The perpetual one to flow, the perpetual one to come to be, as Heraclitus would say. The same valley for I. To start for the body? Freud said in them that I am before everything one corporal I.

Nobody doubts of the physical transformations that a baby passes until arriving at the oldness. But we go attempting against in them for psychological I. I of the child am the same I Mr.? To be I to the eighty years am the same that to be I to the eight? Has a perfect identity between these two Eus? It is possible to have been, not to be more, and to continue being? To be and not-to be? ' ' In them we never bathe two times in the same rio' ' , Heraclitus said has 2500 years more than behind. But and the question of the identity? How I can say that I am not more the same of has ten years, and affirm that I the same continue being to be? if to repeat that everything does not pass of a time scale? Of a movement space-time? A gradual change, in which some characteristic of the previous thing, of previous I, remain in the thing, in following I, until in a gigantic scale of time (to the human look, he is clearly, if we assume the perpetual one), does not remain more nothing of that thing or that one initial I.

Treaty Algeria

Published in the newspaper the Reason, of File-Peru, the 5 of 2010 July The Whip of the Rufus " Algeria is a country to a large extent to do and that has money for hacerse" Ricardo Sanchez-Serra (*) The 5 of July anniversary of the independence of Algeria is commemorated the 48, after eight years of a bloody war with France, that left a million deads. From that date numerous events have marked their history, like being leader of the Not-Align Movement in the decade of 70 and of the Group of the 77, until seeing it jeopardize its existence at the beginning of 90, in a not declared civil war that caused 200 thousand dead ones. And its turn to the West, besides always emphasizing in the independence of its foreign policy. During the war of liberation, France was very cruel with the Algerians. The systematic and generalized torture was its modus operandi, fact that caused the international rejection. Unlike Italy, that requested excuses to Libya by its excesses in the colonial stage it compensated and it, France it denies to recognize the crimes of the colonization. President Sarkozy only criticized the past colonial of his country in Algeria and asked not to pause in that past and to watch the future. The French arrogant position is rejected by Algiers, that will not sign " Treaty of Amistad" , while Paris does not apologise, an historical pardon that will be the beginning of the reconciliation between Algerians and French. Algeria, unlike other Arab countries, has an exemplary democracy. by Abdelaziz Bouteflika is governed for 11 years in successive elections, a military hero of the independentista fight and that has taken to its country thanks to its program of national reconciliation to the stability, to the fortification of the democracy and the modernization.