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Profile Of A Successful Entrepreneur

The profile of the successful entrepreneur: Although it is almost impossible to define who will succeed and who is not undertaken, all successful business people share a set of skills and attitudes together.Below are a few: Creative and Innovative Are people open to experience new ways of doing things, able to recognize opportunities when they see them. They are people who use their creative thinking to solve problems in their own way. Focused on concrete Successful entrepreneurs are usually highly motivated individuals with the ability to specify what is proposed. His favorite phrase is “hands on” and are able to achieve that thoughts materialize. Leaders They are influential and credible exert its attraction and influence others to achieve the purposes comunes.Perseverantes and tolerant of frustration. Surely no one is born knowing all and less of a changing world today.The vast majority of successful entrepreneurs failed at some point, they learned from their mistakes, correct the path and tried again to find the formula for success, and nothing guarantees they do not become a mistake. However they have in mind the maxim, “Those who persevere, enough.” Foresight and problem solvers. Successful entrepreneurs recognize the problems as an inherent part of any business. That is why prevent eventualities as much as possible and when they appear, using creative methods to resolve and prevent mayores.Interesados consequences in personal and professional development continuum.A successful entrepreneur recognizes that training is an investment not an expense, reads everything he can about business and your industry, attend as many events related to its rotation and is always wondering how to beat. If you have all these skills, do not wait! Ready to start a business.But if it does not, do not be discouraged, they all can be learned. Look for more information, enroll in courses related to the ability you want to develop, look who has the profile you are looking for and try to find out how they have succeeded. The whole all these skills will become a successful entrepreneur. The networks put together rich, the poor seeking work, what side you want to be


If an appliance to give you the opportunity to get off the fat without having to spend hours and hours training, surely you would give him an opportunity. That is the reason why the vibration platforms have become so popular in such a short time, while they are with us for more than fifty years. But the main question is does it work? It returns what it promises? How does it work? These machines have become common and popular in the gym due to great demand. You basically have to stand on the platform and instead of having that make tens of repetitions this will begin to vibrate. Now, depending on the position in which sostengas you while the platform vibrates your different muscles they will work and shake the fat. The manufacturers argue that five to ten minutes of use it equals all one hour traditional cardio like running or swimming. What parts of the body work? Your training will vary depending on the position you have while the plate vibrates. You can exercise you in position of sit-ups, estocadaso simply stopping you, but lately also include a position on her knees outside the platform and supporting the arms on the apparatus in a push-up position.

You can also exercise your abdominal muscles and generally you can train every part of your body. Is it another fad? The vibration platforms, as I said at the beginning of this article, have been among us for fifty years, so you are very far from being a fad.Preferences aside is an ideal equipment for older people, to rehabilitate from injury, to be used as a means of massage and relaxation, and also as a complement to the traditional ways of doing exercise. It is here in this last point where purchased, in my humble opinion, the best of the best. As complement to a traditional way of train seem an alternative tremendously useful for burning fats since they attack muscles and fibers that would require much time with traditional exercise of exercise.This machine is fantastic to recover from lesionas, for those suffering from problems with joints, arthritis and/or other weak areas. Definitely for them, it is an excellent starting point to become active again.

Brazil Health Department

Data of the Health department (7), in Brazil, are esteem that about 200.000 deaths/year they are decurrent of the tobaccoism (OPAS, 2002). In accordance with the Domiciliary Inquiry on Behaviors of Risco and Cited Morbidade of Not Transmissible Doenas and Agravos, carried through in 2002 and 2003, between people of 15 years or more, residents in 15 Brazilian capitals and the Federal District, the prevalence of tobaccoism varied of 12,9 25.2% in the studied cities. The men had presented higher prevalences of what the women in all the capitals. In Porto Alegre, the biggest ratios of smokers, as much in the masculine sex how much in the feminine one, and Aracaju, the minors meet. This research also showed that the concentration of smokers is bigger enters the people with less of eight years of study of what between people with eight or more years of study. In relation to the prevalence of experimentation and cigarette use between young, in accordance with study carried through between pertaining to school of 12 Brazilian capitals, in the years of 2002-2003, the prevalence of the experimentation in these cities varied of 36 58% in the masculine sex and of 31 55% in the feminine sex, while the prevalence of current smoking pertaining to school varied of 11 27% in masculine sex and 9 24% in the feminine one.

A way to diminish the use of the tobacco and to evaluate the frequency with that the aged one smokes, is to stimulate to participate it of recreativas activities. Through these activities the aged one can become social with people of the same etria band and be involved in action that comumente occupies the used period for the tobacco. According to Lorda (5), ' ' the desire to play in them folloies all (happily) the life, however, they had been the different assumed social commitments that in ' ' distraram' ' practical regular to play, but that it did not eliminate our desire to make it.