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National Government

For many years, has left much that say the reality of the administration of health in Venezuela, aspect that must pay close attention a Government being declared Socialist and has the responsibility, guarantee its inhabitants an excellence in healthcare, without discrimination, accessible to all classes, especially the poor who often makes it inaccessible enjoy it. Management services are impressive the patient leave much to say, as well as the operation of public hospitals with major deficiencies. Not surprising therefore, that they constantly give protests before the reality of the service of the administration of the health of the attention of the health centers, hospitals in poor condition, absences of teams medicines and other aspects which leave much to say, the most common causes of health management are: lack of medical supplies. Operating theatres decomposed or in poor state of maintenance, causing infections in patients. Debts and unfulfilled employment commitments by the National Government.

The Government does not comply with the accords agreed with the medical profession and much less salary approvals that they deserve. It is said also, says medical stoppages are manifested due to the negligence of the Government to implement a policy of robust health that is commensurate with the interests of the population. Says that in our reality if there is a medical attention right one can speak of the quality of life of the Venezuelan progressive deterioration, especially in the sector of the population that has less resources, here that can be read in the national press, as the crisis is dramatic and the poor have to ruletear the patient to get an attention medical to allow guarantee life for his family. The irony of all this is that the Constitution is housed in good way to health as a right that we must enjoy all Venezuelans, however the palpable reality is another. A problem in addition serious health management management, specifically in management, administration of public hospitals, they do not have medicines and sufficient equipment to serve the population.


Although sweat is a natural mechanism whereby the body cool when it is hot or when we’re doing gymnastics; Some people have problems of excessive sweating, sweating copiously even when there is no reason that justifies a so abundant sweating. The excess sweat can have various causes, such as: – menopausal – hyperthyroidism – infections – drugs – causes psicologocas. -Episodes of hypoglycemia. In these cases, the solution of the problems of excessive sweating happens to find the cause and resolve the root problem that is causing excess perspiration. However, in some people, none of the reasons described above are the cause of perspiration. What happens is that the nervous system simply stimulates the sweat glands, no reason too. In these cases, to solve the problems of excessive sweating can resort to any of the following treatments:-aluminum hydrochloride solution. There are various products antiperspirants that contain this substance, which is very effective in the control of sweating.

There are specific products for different body parts available on the market: armpits, feet, face, scalp, etc – iontophoresis. It is a technique that closes the pores of the sweat glands by applying a small electric current on the skin. Multiple sessions are required to achieve good results, and then also we do maintenance sessions. -Botox. The application of BOTOX under the skin can reduce sweating. It is an expensive technique, and its effect lasts from six months to a year. -Transthoracic sympathectomy. Surgical intervention is minimally invasive, which blocks the action of thoracic sympathetic ganglia, which are those that stimulate sweating.

To cancel the stimulus, excretion of sweat is reduced. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that You can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat.

Statements On The Course Of The CeBIT 2013

The CeBIT has gained further quality according to the Deutsche Messe AG. This confirm also the following statements of exhibitors of the ECM industry: Harald Klingelholler, Deputy VOI – Chairman of the Board: the VOI and its members draw a positive statement to this year’s CeBIT. The visitors were well prepared and with targeted questions on the trade fair grounds. Thus rises. the value of the fair, which will be increasingly used as platform for concrete discussions of the project and not only to the pure information retrieval” OLAF Drummer, Chairman and CEO of the Association of the PDF: CeBIT our members informed for the first time about ZUGFerD, the overarching data format for electronic invoices. Many fair visitors used presentations and product demonstrations to deal thoroughly with the facilitation of the electronic exchange of invoices.” Dietrich of Valencia, business development manager, callas software GmbH: ZUGFeRD, accessible PDFs (PDF/UA) and the long term archiving of PDF documents (PDF/A) popular topics were during the CeBIT 2013 in that we were in very good hands as a special supplier at the great exhibition. We looked over the high number of visitors at our stand happy and especially on their matching well with us, some very concrete questions.” Thomas Zellmann, partner of LurTech Europe GmbH: with great success, we presented our first prototypes to create and process ZUGFeRD compliant invoices at the CeBIT. In the talks our PDF/A experts have advised individual end users but also ERP manufacturers with regard to concrete implementation strategies of the specification.” Dr.

Michael Duhme, spokesman for windream GmbH: Our this year’s trade fair appearance we are very satisfied with. As in the previous years, so many visitors found their way to the windream stand this year again. This year’s CeBIT theme Shareconomy has shown that an important issue for visitors to the fair was the common management and common access to information, what we us as Of course very happy ECM vendors. “Because Shareconomy is a central aspect that corresponds exactly to our product philosophy for ECM vendors such as windream GmbH.” About the good news! Marketing & PR Consulting GmbH good news! GmbH is a PR and marketing agency, specializing in B2B communication. As a full service agency supports good news! Companies in all areas of public relations. Together with the clients and partners developed and orchestrated good news! Communication and marketing measures for the market and the public. Clients transfer tasks, ranging from the operational back to questions of corporate strategy Office. The red thread is constant guideline here: To find out what is good for the development of companies and profit. Your editorial contact: PR agency of good news!