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Ascaris lumbricoides the parasitic diseases are pointed, mainly, as indicating of socioeconmico development of a country and a frequent problem of public health having unchained, beyond gastrointestinal problems, low corporal income and consequent delay in the pertaining to school income (PINE et al., 2007). In our country, the number of individuals with some type of enteroparasitose sabidamente is mainly raised in peditricas populations (0-5 years) and children in pertaining to school age (SAINTS et al., 2006). The Ascaridase is the most frequent parasatism human being (REY, 2001). The Ascaris lumbricoides, parasite nematelminto of the classroom of nematides, known as ‘ ‘ lom-briga’ ‘ , cause intestinal in human beings, in general assintomtica infection or with few symptoms, as abdominal, diarria pain, vomits and anorexy. In massive infections it can cause important complications, as nutricional deficiency, pneumonite, blockage intestinal and of the ductos pancretico and biliary, among others, some fatal times (IN-NOCENTE et al.

; 2008). 1.2.Morfologia the study of the morphology of this parasite must be made observing the evo-lutivas phases of its biological cycle, that is, the adult worms male and female (Figure 1) and the fertile and infertile eggs (Figure 2). It is important to remember that the size of the units of. the lumbricoides ones is in the dependence of the number of lodged parasites and the nutricional state of the host (SNOWS et al. ; 2008). – Male: When adult, the 30 cm of length measures about 20 and presents milky color. The mouth or buccal vestibule is located in the previous extremity, and is contouring for three strong lips with milling of dentices and without interlbios. The mouth, follows muscular esophagus e, then after, the rectilinear intestine. The rectum is found next to the posterior extremity. It presents filiform testicule and enovelado, that if it differentiates in deferential canal, continues for the ejaculador canal, confiding in the cloaca, located next to the posterior extremity.

The Confinement

The complexity of the collective feminine figure in this narrative seems to show what it exists of better in the human being: goodness, sensitivity, conscience of itself and the respect to the next one. This woman possesss intent and clean eyes for the spectacle of the world, arriving if to be similar a child or to a poet who has the sensitivity of sees for the first time, what of so visa, nobody sees, and, thus, if it presents as symbol of all the hopes and valley to stand out that, also symbolizes the feminine element that exists in each being, independent of its sex. The feminine voice appears of the woman medicates of it. It is the force that of the movement the narrative. This cited force is happened of the vision, and also of the circumstance that detaches and it becomes it leader of its group, as if it can observe in the ticket: …

you are not blind, you said rapariga of dark eyeglasses, therefore it has been the one that orders and organizes, not control, I organize what I can, I am, solely, the eyes that vocs had left to have, a species of natural head, a king with eyes in a land of blind people, …, if thus it is, then it leaves to guide me for my eyes … (SARAMAGO, 1995, p.255). In the trajectory of the main personage, if it observes the facts most uncertain, as: ahead of the collective blindness, it is led to changed itself of a simple owner of the leader marries, therefore, she places the welfare of the group above of its individual interests at the same time the fight for the proper survival. The awaken tragedy in it an unrecognizable interior force, makes that it to become the proclamadora voice of the resistance against some forms of oppression installed in the confinement of the blind people.


Circles of vidExiste an affirmation, from Aristotle saying that the human being is politicians what, on the other hand can be true, of another point of view is sufficient doubtful. From a Hebrew perspective, Greek and later also Christian, we learn to look at for the history of the humanity in a linear perspective, with start, way and end. But also this can not be the best truth to explain the human accomplishments and behaviors. What we are wanting to say is that, of in such a way hearing and saying some things, we finish repeating this as if it was a finished truth. But the things are not definitive, therefore what it is can not be, for more paradoxical and pparently illogical that this can seem. Let us take only one example: a medicine that can cure one definitive disease, can produce others or to be poison in determined circumstances.

Therefore, one more time: the things are not definitive, but for a certain mental comodismo we finish believing that everything is what it is; but this. By the way of this of the year that if it initiates, we go to leave of a constatao that contradicts the affirmation of that we live in a linear historical process. Therefore it thinks well, you already repaired that years after year, we always repeat the same rituals? Therefore it observes! Although let us say that we carry through different things and we produce progress, in the reality day after day, we raise in, we fulfill them the same rituals (personal hygiene, coffee of the morning, work) and come back to adormecer toward, in the following day and following week and month and year to repeat the same ritual. It is a life in circle! Our festejos, cultural, folclricas manifestations and the great events. Nothing more they are of what, year after year, repetition? memory process? of the same facts.


Since the ingestion until the elimination of eggs it leads of 2 the 2,5 months (DOHMS, 2008). Figure 3. Biological cycle of the Ascaris lumbricoides. Source: (2009). 2.2.Diagnstico the disgnostic can be made in two ways the physician who more difficult and is delayed, therefore, lead in consideration the symptoms presented for the patient and the labo-ratorial that is the egg research in excrements, for method of the spontaneous sedimentation (DOHMS, 2008). The possibility of diagnosis of Ascaris for the accomplishment of EPF (Examination Parasitolgico de Fezes) for the method of Kato-Katz still exists (MELO et al., 2004).

In the procedure for excrement collection, the patient must be guided to use a clean and dry bottle, to identify it, to write down the schedule of the collection, and the material must be carried the laboratory or then fixed and conserved in refrigerator immediately 4 C. The used fixing are the polivilnico alcohol (for trofozotos) and formol 10% or MIF (mertiolato, iodine and formol) for eggs or cysts. (MELO et al., 2004). The visualization of the adult worms eliminated by vomit is possible also or excrements. (MELO et al., 2004). It is important to identify verminose in question, in order to treat and to prevent parasitic infections, with intention to prevent probable epidemics and formation of new endemic areas (PITTNER et al., 2007). In the leucograma eosinofilia in the cases of ascaridase can be evidenced (MELO et al., 2004).

In the accomplishment of the EPF for laboratorial diagnosis, the method of spontaneous sedimentation, that was described for Lutz in 1919, in Brazil, and standardized can be used for Hoffman, Pons and Janer, in 1934, in Rich Port. Of easy low execution and cus it to you, it is used in the clinical laboratories and inquiries epidemiologists (RASP et al., 2008). In the procedure excrement g is necessary to transfer of 2 the 4, in a bottle of Borrel and to disarrange them in water, with a baton of glass or plastic.

Fortitude Spiritual

They spend many complicated moments, overcoming divorce. Anyone who has gone through a separation or divorce will be in disagreement with this statement. However, if we can be at peace with ourselves, the road will not be so uphill. Divorce is a fact that will definitely make our life, moreover, in the moment in which the couple decide to divorce, begins a complicated process of mixed emotions of resentment, sadness and other anxieties, which must live to begin to overcome this painful situation. Most importantly, be quiet, thinking that we are human, we are not perfect and therefore make mistakes and suffer failures. If we were able to accept mistakes and frustrations as natural and also managed to learn from such experiences, to grow spiritually and in all directions, if we learn enough as to not make the same mistakes again, then we are on the good way. Naturally, this whole situation causes pains and sorrows, which you must also live, so as to leave them back. It is not good to repress feelings, neither nor leave the depression dominates your life.

You must continue living as normally as possible, you will feel sad, but must find forces within yourself to move forward. You’ll be overcoming divorce when already not it hurts you so much talk about it. When what you do or do not already your ex you would be interested too. It is a process slow and gradual, the pain will gradually disappear until the wounds are closed completely. Takes time, enough time to accomplish this. But with patience, with spiritual strength and an attitude positive, always thinking that always today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow holds for us even more happy experiences, time will pass more quickly. To finally learn how to overcome a break and completely eliminate the pain that he left a relationship last click here. Original author and source of the article.

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Although you’re filled with anger because he decided to stay away from you, if you want to find the perfect plan to retrieve your boyfriend, you should stay calm and think with coldness. First: let cool the situation. Waiting to spend a few days it without knowing anything about you, do not send messages or attempt any mode of communication with him. In this way we give time that will pass the anger, and begin to miss you. You must also take these days to think of the best way to deal with the complicated situations in the future, not back to make the same mistakes as always and save the couple. Second: Stop already thinking on how I will recover my ex-boyfriend, and spend some time for you to go out with your friends, regain emotional stability, and fill you with joy and optimism. Only with an attitude that reveals a high self-esteem and confidence in yourself will help you to fall in love again. Third party.

If they are companions of study, work or have friends in common, is that you see in the company of friends, that is realize that you have fun and spend it well, in time to stay in a corner crying for his absence. This will show you that you’re a strong woman, that are still ahead and that have security yourself, aspects that are very attractive for any man. Room. If he seeks to resume communication with you, you’re on very good way. If you talk to him, not you disclose too much information, this way you will be able to increase their interest in you. Fifth. After a few days, you can send him a message if you want.

You’ll see how things are giving themselves, if you keep the right attitude. Be patient and don’t push it. Subtly remind you the funny moments that they lived in the past, and suggest that putting a little will on the part of both, they can still live very happy moments in the future. It only remains for me to advise you if what you really want is to recover my former boyfriend, you only have to believe that you can do it, then, you will manage it. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Beam Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you. That hateful relationship of lovers ‘ in search of lost time Samsung Galaxy Player: still want an iPod Touch? Wayerless Hermanxs of the mind furious brightening rabies. : DIY punk Zine. Electric unicycle for fun rides rage