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South American Continent

Of this form, he was definite accurately, in accordance with the orientation, of the Baron of the Rio Branco, the question submitted to the arbitrator, that is, the indication of ‘ ‘ felt preciso’ ‘ of article VIII of the Treated one to Utrecht. The sentence would be obligator and without appeal. also, the too much articles of this agreement of survey, with articles III and IV were the stated periods for the delivery of the memories justifications. still, article VIII granted one year to the Swiss Government to pronounce itself regarding the litigious question in the Amap. They were thus in game the destinations of 260 a thousand kilometers squared of the South American Continent.

When the question already was in studies in Bern, the French Government wanted, in its first memory, to extend them to be able of the arbitrator, allowing to appeal it to a transaction. Rio Branco protested against this attempt of breaking of the Commitment of 1897; to the Government Swiss it only competed declaring which, in its to understand, in its certainty, based on history and geography, was the true River Oiapoque or Vicente Pizn of the Treated one to Utrecht. Exclua thus all and any intermediate solution. Rank that, the prevalent objective around the text of this article, were to be carrying through a divulged rescue regarding already, but contradictorily, little known participation of the Baron of the Rio Branco in the construction and consolidation of our territory. That such which we know, it today, only comes if to define of more concrete form, until the first half of century XX. But also, at the same time, we did not have here the concern of enaltecer of disproportionate form any participant person of this process of consolidation of our territory. Therefore, in this exactly process, at many difficult moments and also in softest, the extreme attachment to the cult of the personalities, only came to atravancar the solution of the disputes.


They say there for that to laugh it is always optimum remedy and it must be same, mainly for dentists specialized in implantation, who earn (and very well) to restore smiles other people’s, brincadeirinha, friends of motorzinho of the terror But, inside of the philosophy of laughing, I have remembered some absolutely true histories, but that of so unusual and funny they seem lie. We go to try to count them without losing the mood intensity that the same ones had provoked at the time and look at that some had occurred have decades. Explained this, we go to the case. An aunt (already dead) very esteem arrives in my house and I do not have another expression, seno to say: ' ' Aunt, what she is this? You she is walking equal to a clown? ' ' She is that the two apples of the face had painted two red balls of maquiagem (I find that rouge badly spread) and it had come downtown until the o quarter where I liveed of that skill. Remembering today, it was seeming the Pikachu, that one bichinho likeable of the Pokmon drawing. It ran to mirror, was horrified with the scene and cried out: ' ' Those cachorras pay to me they maquiaram, me and they had said that I was pretty ' ' After some time, with my aunt taking a water cup, being calmer and until laughing at the situation it only is that it knew what happened.

Without a mirror at least in house, it had the unhappy idea to ask for two of my cousins (then adolescent and very brincalhonas) to make right the maquiagem of it. They had given one exactly jeitinho, but they thought that the aunt alone would walk some meters of its house until the board of periodicals and magazines (in the center) and it did not go to catch a bus, to cross all the city and to come in the house of my parents. Before I and my dead mother to give more outbursts of laughter, my aunt, who was a woman until bonitona, remembered that he was if finding the maximum in the streets and ' ' buso' ' , therefore all (men, women and children looked at) it admired. ' ' That hatred, had thought that I am maluca Those cachorras go to see when I to arrive ' ' , my aunt threatened. Sincerely I do not know which the punishment my cousins had received for the traquinagem