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The Real Reason Of Obesity

Hi today I want to explain something about the reason why you can’t lose weight has nothing to do with his will, with eating excessively or with the correct diet! the reason which you is exceeded weight and unhealthy is that has a nasty plate and horrible creatures that live in your gut! Product that you offer this proven scientifically only enters to the page the reason by which all other diets, dietary and organic foods, healthy foods, medicines and everything else does not work in this amazing and modern age technologically is because they were designed deliberately to do! but what may not be prepared to accept is the fact that someone is already poisoning her MOM, Dad, brothers and sisters and his most intimate friends! And are actually coming out with yours!! I know that this last line is perhaps more frightening than anything else, i.e., the part about that poison to others and come with yours. Here is a fact that can terrify! Japan refuses to accept exports of meat and dairy products from United States! Now, what I suggest you this? Japan is snob? No! That Japanese citizens hate milk and meat? Come on, you are smart! What really suggests is that the Government of Japan knows something that little (or no) people really know! That filled our food with something unnatural that is supposed not to have! And if I knew what already is, and if you had seen what I saw, it would be very, very angry!! And yet before, when they laughed at my revelations about the truth, seemed that they knew more, and soon afterwards his own health they showed were wrong, very equibocados! In short, all you need to lose weight what you will find in this page a simple and natural way..

Meet The New Weapon In The Fight Against The Obesity The Plication Gastric

That is the gastric plication? It is a new surgical technique to treat excess weight. This procedure is becoming a very attractive surgery since no cuts to the stomach or intestine and not using staples or any other prosthetic material. Gastric plication, is a relatively simple procedure (in experienced hands), is performed by laparoscopy (i.e. does not exist the need to open the patient), the average duration of surgery takes 60 to 90 minutes, with an overnight hospital stay. This procedure consists in that the gastric capacity, until a gastric reservoir of approximately 100 ml is progressively reduced through sutures (stitching), its normal volume is approximately 1000 ml.

Gastric plication combines the advantages of some traditional such as gastric banding or gastric balloon methods because it is very simple, safe and reversible with the effectiveness of procedures more risks and complicated as the gastric bypass or the gastric sleeve. Compared with the gastric balloon, gastric plication offers a greater weight loss and the ability to be a permanent treatment (the ball has to be withdrawn within six months). Even when this technique is relatively new in our country, already studies and monitoring have been and in patients over 7 years. Which have proven their safety and effectiveness. What are the advantages of this procedure? Does not require cuts in the stomach or small intestine. More economic. Does not require implants. It is REVERSIBLE, since it is not mutilating.

It is less invasive = safer. It is more effective than gastric banding. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you. Receive a warm greeting Dr.

Childhood Obesity

Obesity has ceased to be a problem only for adults since the number of children who present with obesity or overweight increases considerably day after day, being increasingly necessary urgent weight loss. In many places it is already considered an epidemic. Being overweight can accompany a child throughout his life, he has many more possibilities of suffering from it being adult. When there is excessive amount of fat in a person’s body then it is considered obese. To know if there are obesity or overweight is measured mass index (BMI) body = kg/m, kg/height in meters squared. There is overweight or obesity when BMI is greater than 95. The main causes of overweight in children are poor diet that lead and the little exercise they do.

The calories that the body cannot burn, are converted into fat. Many of the problems that causes childhood obesity persist into adulthood. Obesity has increased cases of diabetes in children. Other problems that can occur are also: arterial hypertension, levels of very high cholesterol, orthopedic problems, asthma, cancer, sleep apnea. Also learning problems may occur. Many times these children can receive the ridicule of others, this can cause very serious problems in their self-esteem and may lead them to depression. Treatments for children who are still in development should never be an obstacle to their growth. We must find the balance of your weight with your body, in the stage of his life that is over time.

The objective that is then set for childhood obesity is decrease the weight of the child or stop the increase. We must try to children to make some activity (gym, run, walk, walk, do sport) so that scorching grease bearing on top. It will never be advisable to limit your diet on calorie consumption. Your food should be healthy, avoiding the consumption of fats, but eating varied and complete. Advise them to eat cereals, vegetables and fruit varied time every day. They have so little to miss the fish or meat with little fat, as well as drinking much water. Eliminate sugary or fizzy drinks from your diet and try to keep the intake of sweets to a minimum.