Monthly Archive for February, 2013

Carolina Gomez

This process of training prior to the arrival of the children has had so much impact on modern society today day would even say that there are real schools for parents, places intended for the preparation of future dads and moms, spaces where all questions can be solved already not only hand family and friends but to experts on different determinants in the process of construction of the nuclear family and parenting process. Now, says Carolina Gomez, Manager of Parents Babies & Beyond the city of Bogota, Colombia, children if they come with manual. You no longer need to suffer the lactation cooped up at home and converted a bundle of nerves, now in centers like this can be resolved all doubts on nutrition, breastfeeding, weight loss after the arrival of the baby etc. These spaces, i.e. the possibility of receiving advice from experts on different topics reduce stress generated in the parents with the arrival of a baby and this not only benefits the new Member of the family, also benefits parents, the arrival of a newborn totally changes the development of the couple: the outputs are restricted, sleep is disturbed, the woman’s body changes etc. The arrival of a new century requires many changes and new challenges that makes the behaviour of the people not the same of other decades. Each generation assumes its responsibilities in a particular way influenced by the circumstances surrounding it. Despite the fact that the challenges in relation to children are still the same forty years ago, today’s parents are prepared to make the family building a growth process as a whole and to the extent possible, with less setbacks.