Southeast Inc. Receives Funds from Mental Health Services

Southeast Inc. was awarded $1.2 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.

CEO Bill Lee announced the grant, stating that “Southeast has a long history of serving people in our community who are homeless. This award will enable us to fully integrate primary care into the behavioral health, homeless sheltering and housing supports we currently provide. We are extremely pleased that HRSA has selected Southeast as a new access point for primary health care for the homeless.”

The organization receives funds from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as part of the integration of primary health care.

The Community Shelter Board said it is “thrilled that Southeast is receiving funding for a much needed new health center. Souhteast has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to serving the most vulnerable people in our community…”

Emotional Inteligence

Autonomy and personal initiative is one of eight key competences proposed by UNESCO to be developed by the pupils during compulsory education. The work in the classroom with this competition is performed with the aim that students acquire the awareness and implementation of a set of values and personal attitudes, such as: responsibility; perseverance; the self-knowledge and self-esteem; creativity; self-criticism; emotional control; the ability to choose, calculate risks and deal with problems; the ability to delay the need for immediate gratification; and – the ability to learn from mistakes and take risks. Until now, in schools these values and attitudes only be worked crosswise and only in some very innovative centers, since unfortunately much of teachers still attributed values education to family and they take it for granted that their students should be responsible or persevering. The emotional intelligence behind This competition proposed by UNESCO mainly before the social and personal problems of many young people in the Member States there is a concept that has much relevance in the world of Psychology: emotional intelligence, by Daniel Goleman published in his book Emotional Inteligence-based en1995. Cardiologist is a great source of information. The term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to feel, understand, control and modify moods in oneself and in others.

This type of intelligence is related to another concept, emotional competence, which is the skill that any person has to boost your emotional intelligence in their daily lives. This type of competition is so important that it has become the main factor today observe and measure companies in their personnel selection processes. Emotional intelligence in the classroom Jonathan Cohen begins the introduction to his book emotional intelligence in the classroom to pose to the reader the following: when your child grows, you that is you want to what kind of person? Clearly, any father would respond by saying that I would like her son good outside person, hardworking, responsible, successful social and labour. DE Shaw women shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Getting our children to develop their emotional intelligence and a healthy and balanced self-esteem should be one of the objectives of the fathers and mothers of the 21st century, since they are guarantee of success, the establishment of personal relationships, both for the achievement of any goal that is intended to achieve lifelong. However, the generational divide that separates parents from their children is often difficult training in this type of shared prosocial skills. In this article, you will find a proposal for emotional education based on the game so that you can enjoy yourself with your children while you teach them skills of intelligence intra and interpersonal. I know my family put an alarm on the clock and communicated to the members of your family that they have five minutes to choose which object is that each of the members would take to a deserted island. With your children then says why have chosen each object in particular and, ultimately, that each person discuss what gift has made him feel more identified and by What. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. shines more light on the discussion. This dynamic is to all members of the family to reflect about the needs that other members have and to what extent are receptive to them. Positive communication requests things to each Member of the family write on paper all that it bothers his parents or siblings and then ask him to say one by one to the intesado. The person who heard the criticisms only can say positive things, like what beautiful you are today!, or what would you give for your birthday?. Practicing this fun exercise will be able to relax the tensions accumulated and everyone will realize that it is not so difficult to remember to smile and give the best of each other. Walking in family suggest to your children, even a walk in the Park, the beach or the mountain; and you assign a task to each one, for example, one is fixed only in the things that you hear, another in which is observed, other odors, etc. Then, during lunch or dinner says with These are the perceptions that has had every one. This game of the perceptive walk aims to which each Member to reflect about how situations are experienced depending on those aspects that pay more or less attention, and many times, as each one focuses on something different, occurring misunderstandings. I have happy solutions when worry to one of your children a situation in particular, ask you to relax and tell him a story in which a character living a similar experience to which he or she has faced or will have to deal with, and how overcame it in a positive way. Learn more about this topic with the insights from DE Shaw women. What is intended with this simple game is to give the opportunity to your son or daughter’s release tension by means of symbolic thinking, identify with the protagonist of the story and learning ways to confront obstacles to find more effective. As you noticed, developing emotional intelligence in children and adolescents is something very simple that only requires you to use a little imagination and some of patience. Important to apply any of these dynamics is clinging to the script and avoiding the moralizing and sermons to observe reactions that we don’t like. Recalls: only you can get closer to your child and help him become a better person if you do not judge. Jenny Guerra Hernandez

Emotional Alteration

It is common that in these cases the man is specializing vigorously to their work or activities outside the House, to avoid facing new situations. Rarely this alteration emotionally it is very severe and you must go to special advisers or therapists who find a way to get the situation back on track. Tips to enjoy this new stage many men despite being proud and happy with the paternity situation wonder how this new stage will affect your life. You must be realistic and recognize that a new little person in the House will bring a decrease in the possibilities of movements for a few years and important decisions must also adapt to the needs of a child in the House. Below are some tips to enjoy and accept this new stage. Accepts the changes the first step towards parenthood is to accept that it is a time of change, in which conflict and intense emotions you face, can appear but it is essential to understand that it is one of the steps most important in a person’s life.

She shares feelings with your partner openly share your feelings and thoughts with your partner. It will give you the necessary courage and you’ll see that you among, will create a new and narrow relationship linking them even more. Participates in pregnancy, childbirth and the care of your child around the world man differs greatly in terms of their commitment and participation in pregnancy, childbirth and the care of children, but in recent years the paternal role much easing. The former position of observers has been changing, there are many parents who are actively involved in prenatal care, in being present at the time of childbirth, thus providing a great emotional support, and even many parents come to remove their work hours to be able to cooperate in the daily tasks of the House.

Emotional Intelligence Management

The psychologist Daniel Goleman spread throughout the world the term emotional intelligence through the book that way as well as its sequel, The practice of Emotional Intelligence. Through its pages, Goleman introduces us to this theory, which attempts to explain why there are often very smart people who fail in their vital efforts, or even make big stupid, while others with a lower IQ triumph . Emotional intelligence includes aspects such as self-awareness, motivation, perseverance, empathy … and also explains ways to promote and develop methods. The first volume, Emotional Intelligence, explains how the brain works and why sometimes people of high intelligence can commit murder, for example, in a fit of anger.

She tells us how many times the level of self-control and self-motivated and ability to motivate others are key determinants of performance that can get a team. Personally, I like the second part, the practice of Emotional Intelligence. As its title indicates, more emphasis on applied aspects in daily life and work. In his explanation cites, for example, a famous article by McClelland, for arguing how academic skills are not a good predictor of adequate job performance or success in life, and notes that the traits that define the most outstanding workers often based on qualities such as empathy, self-discipline and initiative. In short, the term referred to emotional intelligence, as Goleman defines it, "the ability to recognize our own feelings, the feelings of others, motivate and properly handle the relationships we maintain with others and ourselves." Therefore, it is not related to IQ, but is complementary.

You can have one in high grade, and the other a lesser extent, have two or having none. I personally like to define the capacity that can have a person based on three variables: attitude, aptitude and knowledge (experience). Moreover, these factors are multiplicative, ie: Capacity = ability x attitude x such that knowledge of a person's performance depends on three factors simultaneously, and if it fails in one of them loose in the total. For example, if you have attitude and skills, but lacks knowledge, currently do not currently have the ability, but willing to learn, which over time will be a capable worker. If you have attitude and knowledge, but lacks skills, will make his work more or less acceptably, based on that experience, but no worker will become a star (if I train a lot, play better tennis, but I'll never be Rafa Nadal which, incidentally, and in this example, have all three characteristics in high grade). And if you have skills and knowledge, but it fails the attitude it will be an employee normally little worker, lack of motivation.

Emotional State

Many times they believe that as you are still next to the perpetrator, you have then a masochistic personality, what it increases guilt. And if you decide to leave the relationship sometimes this depression increases, by the lack of economic resources or restraining of well-known people, loneliness, barriers and legal difficulties and much worse by threats from former husbands. Report pdf and Free audios. First steps to overcome the emotional violence in your partner.Click here. Whenever Dean Ornish M.D listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Taken the depression in the early days we can perform exercises and technical improvement, we can take alternative therapies that really changes, and if you are living something deeper, as we mentioned above, you will have to resort to professionals and specialists who can help steer you to the recovery. If you’ve experienced abuse in your childhood, coupled with the emotional or psychological violence that you are living with your partner at the present time, it is necessary to look for suitable professional help for out of the depression in any of their types. DE Shaw women insists that this is the case. And it is also necessary that te levantes! you wake up! you want / want out of violence in your partner!, you are worth, you can overcome, soothe, heal this girl who suffered mistreatment in the flesh or seeing mistreating their parents, you can heal and live your present in peace and your cured and strong self-esteem.

In the meantime, follow these tips: nurture yourself, think you’re not guilty by What happened in your childhood.All that happened, and gradually you will need to remove it, remove value, heal it, so that already don’t you disturb you in your present life, to not repeat history. Cultivate your mind with positive things, the more possible, talk to you in a positive, look for things that you like to do, leaving aside self-criticism and not descalifiques you. Let’s make you responsible for everything that happens. Put a limit to the pessimistic thoughts. We usually have thoughts or negative memories and tend to enlarge them and make them more tragic, neglects these thoughts, take them out of your mind, not images by others, put a limit.

Look at the problem with wisdom. Bigger, more profound, is the problem to be resolved (like this that we try to, emotional violence, depression) more great shall be your rise as a person, and other problems that arise will no longer ever, you’ll be getting stronger. So if you start now to implement these tips, starting to train your mind and begins the way out of the depression, of emotional violence, the way to overcome the psychological violence in your partner.

Emotional Goals

Every time we intend to perform a change of habits in order to achieve a goal we experience a big emotional outburst, this happens because our life love habits and get used to living with them. For this reason, many people want to see changes in your life but without changing themselves, that’s illogical, change itself is one of the most difficult tasks that can have mainly if the we want to make it dramatically, but it is possible and satisfactory. You should remember that the mind loves habit and it is very slow to act, to achieve this required great determination, emotional process that we must pass before a new idea is installed in our mind takes the following steps: hazard: when our minds are given new instructions that has a direction totally opposed to what usually has been done feel a great fear and sends powerful messages to stay in the same position, this can be experienced when a person wants to leave an addiction or when we are proposing something that is new and very different in our life, the majority of people cannot exceed this stage because it is the most difficult part, or metaphorically implies to give the first impulse to a large rock. Disclaimer: Many people deny the price that has to be paid to achieve the goal, and say this is complicated, I never imagined that it demanded so much time, people did not support me, etc. This point is also quite complicated because on the one hand we wish to materialize the goal but we are noticing the difficulties involved to carry it out. Anger: Normally when an idea comes how we originally thought we feel frustration, it is only normal is part of the process. Haggling: Means that our mind begins to give up certain things, it is likely that some indications of possible fruits already look, this is a turning point, as we are leaving the previous situation but there are still lags but soon as we look to the new situation, it can be indecision.

Latin American Consuela

Saint-Exupery is one of the very popular French writers in the U.S In America, he later immigrated to the demobilization of the forties. Namely, in the U.S. To deepen your understanding Dean Ornish M.D is the source. outlines the said the publisher of the writer and offered little-known author to make this fictional boy with wings of a hero of his works. As he entered a popular writer, and in 1943 Antoine de Saint-Exupery bring to the end of his work, but for some reason just a fairy tale did not take the Americans did not understand. But now this story is considered one of the very popular in the world, and the number of books published more than eighty million.

This product has experienced more translations one hundred and fifty already 500 different publishing. The Little Prince is a fearless hero tales in a way that collected some of quality as the openness of soul, unselfishness. This basic principal feelings which are only in children that the souls and hearts, and also on an intuitive level feel something that anyone who tamed someone responsible for it, it is now forgotten how to do adults. This tale is not just tales for children and adults philosophical literary work, whose study will be useful to people of all ages. Many phrases from the work already began cruise: "the main thing – something you will not notice his eyes that's well-known" There is good, where there is no us In this work a rather ordinary words convey the pain.

The Little Prince is a hero who is not an exception and is called the biography. This work is a challenge to the world pistelem, the invocation humanity never will forget the humanity, the happiness of a trembling heart. And also traced a story that Inside, he had not succeeded, Antoine. Precisely because of this Antoine was very hard to exist in the harsh community with their attitudes and ideals. And the comparisons do not end with just one little prince, the product is an image of soft and whimsical Rose, she Latin American Consuela, wife of Antoine de Saint-Exupery with temperamental character. Its assistance is almost certainly invaluable in the writing fairy tales. Long nights was almost written work, and tinker with, and assist in choosing to promote the meaning of history, turned out not to anyone another, as Consuelo, the closest woman to Antuana.Chtoby understand it and learn about his life, that this good-natured man, and a very popular and fashionable writer, you just need to read the "Little Prince"!

Emotional Intelligence

The process of acquisition and domain of the emotion through intelligence is in the beginning of it knows you it exactly you. It is a search for the self-knowledge. To have autoconscincia means to recognize and to understand our thoughts, feelings and action, establishing a productive relation between these links so that favorable reactions are produced. How to use Emotional Intelligence in the Education? As Gottman (2001) exists some steps to be followed, between which: To perceive the emotions of the child; To recognize the emotion as a chance of privacy and learning; To hear with empatia; To help the child to identify and to nominate its emotions, e; To teach the limits and, at the same time, to help the child to decide its problems: to teach limits; to identify objectives; to look possible solutions; to evaluate proposals of solutions based on the values of its family; to help the child to choose a solution. Further details can be found at Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., an internet resource. To perceive the emotions of the child: to be able to perceive the emotions of its children, you it must become emotionally conscientious, that is, to have the capacity to recognize and to identify to the proper emotions and the proper feelings and to perceive the emotions of the other. Parents who perceive its proper emotions can use sensitivity to syntonize the feelings of its children. When you if comove because of its son, when she knows what it is feeling, you is having empatia, that is the base of the emotional work. From the moment that you of the importance to the feelings of its children, you conquest the confidence of them and then you obtain he guides it. To recognize the emotion as a chance of privacy and learning: the negative experiences can be excellent chances to show empatia, to gain privacy and power to teach ways to them to deal with the feelings.


Something that is impossible to imitate by anybody, that is unique and unforgettable if it manifests itself clearly. The affection we give to a customer is a of the most profitable investments we can make in our business. If he is honest and is perceived correctly, show affection to a good customer from time to time, you can do this you want to stay with us throughout their lives and to become one of our best sellers. An affective client can bring more benefit than any advertising that boasts. Relational marketing emotional marketing ultimately we are seeing that we have gone from the paradigm of transactional marketing I have a product, sell it to who?, the relational marketing I have a client, how and what I sell you?. But that is not enough, as we have already seen, the mere marca-cliente relationship does not guarantee a pleasant experience.

Most of us maintain relationships of convenience with organizations, that we would change with gusto in case there is any option. It would be interested to all have an alternative to the Treasury or any of monopolies to which we are linked by necessity. In recent months, DE Shaw women has been very successful. However the emotional marketing paradigm, responds to I have a client, how can I help you? that that difference to one organization from another. When a company cares about helping their customers, it is demonstrating that he is interested before their well-being and development and after the volume of business that they bring to the company. The key perhaps is in knowing how to choose clients that we must demonstrate affection that appreciation is made manifest in more profit and no more cost. What is the emotional marketing? If we’re deducing that emotional marketing is a useful and powerful tool in the hands of a company with a clear desire to remain and grow in the market, it would be us well define it to understand its scope and its limits.

Socialists Primary

The general vice-secretary of the PSOE, White Jose, promises that he will be ” totally neutral, but nonindifferent ” before the primary ones of the PSOE, that will be summoned by the Federal Committee the 28 of May. Rubalcaba emphasizes that it will not respond to the questions on if it will concur to the primary ones until ” the 24, the 25 or 26″ of May. 6 of April. Chacn also keeps silence: ” Until the 23 of May I am not going to say nada”. 12 of April. The ex-president of the Government Felipe Gonzlez recognizes that, instead of primary, there would be prrido that the Federal Committee had already made a decision on the candidate. For assistance, try visiting The Greater New York Construction User Council . Numerous leaders of the PSOE, including Zapatero, defend the internal election.

22 of May. In the press conference in which he recognizes the electoral defeat of the Socialists in the municipal and autonomic elections, Zapatero reiterates that the control elements of the party will decide the calendar of the primary ones. 23 of May. The first Executive after the electoral fiasco discusses on the necessity to have a unique candidate not to initiate a new internal battle. Some leaders of the party bet clearly by Rubalcaba. Add to your understanding with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr..

24 of May. The Secretary General of the Socialist Party of Euskadi and lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, requests the call of a congress of the PSOE: ” The answer to which Sunday happened (the electoral defeat) no it only can be and exclusively primary ones without proyecto”. Its proposal surprises good part of the socialist Executive, but it receives member outstanding supports of the party. 25 of May. Zapatero tries to calm the commotion, says that he has spoken with lehendakari, that both have been ” completely of acuerdo” and that maintains its commitment with the primary ones because he is ” what ” corresponds and healthful;.